Travel Theme – Rain

This weeks Travel Theme is Rain and oh I do love a rainy day and I love raindrops on windows.. I like to think it’s because of aesthetics (which FYI is my new favourite word) but I don’t think it’s really as deep as that 😀  Continue reading “Travel Theme – Rain”

Destination: Bruges, Belgium

Back in September 2015 I ticked off a bucket list item that had been there since 2008 after I saw the horrifically violent movie, In Bruges, and that was to visit the medieval city of Bruges in Belgium.

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Favourite Things – Architecture

As I travel more, I do find myself drawn to some things more than others. So I have decided to do a series of posts about some of my favourite things – I was going to do one post but found that I wanted to add so many photos that I thought a few posts would be better 🙂

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My Travel Menu

So I found out about this #travellinkup over at Tanja’s blog and thought it was an interesting concept. Basically you choose a destination as a Starter (Short Haul), Main (Long Haul) and Dessert (a place with a lasting impression) and go from there.

Lets see how I got on…

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