My Bucket List

We all have one – a bucket list.  Maybe you have more than one.  Mine is mostly made up with travel destinations so it made sense to have a page for my travel bucket list and hopefully I will be able to mark these off in the coming years.  I will most likely be adding to it over the coming years too! But then again, that’s what lists are for.

This list is in no particular order:

  • Go to Petra, Jordan – I mean have you seen Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade?!?
  • Go to London
  • Go to Malta – this is because my dad was stationed around here during WWII and I feel the need to visit
  • Go to NYC
  • Stand at the top of the Empire State Building on my birthday
  • Walk across Brooklyn Bridge
  • Have Thanksgiving in America
  • Travel across Canada by train
  • See the canals of Amsterdam
  • See Victoria Falls
  • Visit Canterbury, England
  • Northern Lights Cruise in Norway – plus Bergen to Oslo train journey
  • Visit Brighton, England
  • Visit Nyhavn in Copenhagen
  • Visit Christchurch, England
  • Go to the places my ancestors are from – I have been to Clyst St George in Devon, UK where my fathers family originates from..
  • See the Edinburgh Tattoo
  • Go to a rugby game at Twickenham – bonus is that I did this on my birthday in 2010 – AB’s v England.. freaking awesome!!!
  • Go on the Weka Pass Railway
  • See London from above – ie The Eye, Shard or Sky Garden
  • See a glacier
  • See Autumn/Fall in New England, USA
  • See the Forth Rail Bridge in Edinburgh in person
  • Visit Leeds Castle
  • Drive around New Zealand – getting there slowly
  • Do a NZ cruise
  • Stay at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise with a lake view
  • Visit Milford Sound
  • See the Pyramids
  • Visit Bruges – ever since I saw In Bruges with Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson I’ve wanted to visit this city
  • Go to Lyme Park in England – setting for Mr Darcy’s Pemerbley
  • Go on Safari
  • Drive across the US
  • Visit Kronborg Castle in Denmark
  • Take a ride on the Jacobite Steam Train in Scotland
  • Go to York and visit York Minster – this is because my dad use to bounce me on his knee when I was little and sing “The Grand Old Duke of York”.  Ever since I have wanted to visit York!
  • Visit Luxembourg – not sure why but I have always wanted to go here
  • Go to Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany – well just because!
  • See the birth place of William Shakespeare at Stratford-upon-Avon – update 2017, I went to Stratford-upon-Avon however it was pouring with rain the day I went and I left my umbrella at the accommodation 30 miles away. Didn’t really get to see much of the town
  • Go to Antarctica
  • Go to Germany
  • Have NYE in London
  • Drive across Tower Bridge in London

17 thoughts on “My Bucket List

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  2. HEY!

    India is not on your list?
    Not even the Asian subcontinent?

    You’d love it here…

    P.S.- You’ve inspired me to extend my Bucket List further
    (So says a girl who has a long bucket list with none of the items ticked off yet !!!

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    1. Oh no!! I need to change that. I have been to Vietnam if that helps haha. I would like to go to China too at some point. India does interest but I am definitely drawn towards European history more and that drives a lot of my bucket list 🙂

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      1. Great!

        But please do give India a thought when you’re done with this list (or even before that!).

        I can ascertain you this- One visit is definitely not enough to discover India through your eyes. If you come once, you’ll come again( and, maybe, again)…

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