WPC – My Heritage

When I think of heritage, I think of my family.

I think about that church in tiny town in the middle of Devon where the gravestones bear the names of my ancestors.

Clyst St George

I think of that small town in the middle of England where one of my great great grandmothers was born.

Alrewas, England

I think about how just down the road from that small town is another one small town where her husband lived on Monk Street as a child.

Tutbury, England

I think about that time I drove around Sheffield in England for more than 2 hours just to get a photo of a street name that my ancestors lived on but bears no resemblance to what it would have been like back in their day.


I think about Melbourne and wonder why my great great grandparents on my dad’s side decided to move with their 10 or so children to a city so far removed from London as you could get.


I think about Christchurch and the house I lived in for nearly 30 years and how there is now nothing left because in the aftermath of the Canterbury earthquakes, the street I grew up on was razed to the ground.

010515 (3)

I think about the ratty old letterbox that use to stand at attention at the bottom of our driveway and how my brother & sister-in-law ‘rescued’ it before could also be destroyed.. even though the family hadn’t lived at the property for over 2 years.


And I think about how all these people met despite living in different cities & towns (and even countries) just so I could be born.. like my great-grandmother, who was born in Glasgow and my great-grandfather. who was born in London but they managed to meet in Melbourne, marry and have my grandfather.

Eliza GG


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15 responses to “WPC – My Heritage”

  1. Lovely post Sarah to reminisce about how you came to be 🙂

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  2. It’s crazy to think about the circumstances that had to happen for life to be the way it is.

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    1. I know! It boggles my mind to think that for me to be here all these things aligned.. I mean even my own parents.. my mum was actually seeing someone else off & on and was set up with my dad on a blind date. She hated the suit he wore but somehow they ended up being married for more than 50 years & had 8 kids together.. me being the youngest! Crazy aye!

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    1. Thanks 🙂 there are so many places I want to visit because of my ancestors

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  3. I’m traveling to Scotland at the end of the month just to catch a glimpse of towns where my ancestors lived although I know they look nothing the same as most are no longer the booming mining towns they once were, so I completely get traveling just to take a photo of a street name :). Most all of our Scottish family is from Glasgow and the surrounding areas as well.
    It is amazing the journey of how people’s lives intersect. 🙂

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    1. Oh that is so cool! I think it’s easier in small towns to kind if imagine what it was like because so little can change in the buildings.. hopefully you’ll find some interesting things.. another thing you tend to do when going these places is spend a lot of time wandering around graveyards 😂

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  5. Lovely post!! I had a similar interpretation for this theme, I thought about my family and where I came from. Funnily enough, I’m from NZ too 😀

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    1. Oh awesome! Where abouts in NZ you from?

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      1. Our little capital, Wellington 😀

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        1. Oh nice! I really need to get back there. It’s been about 20 years since my last visit!

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