• Life Update…

    Just thought I would give an update on my life because last time I wrote was 3 months ago and I guess stuff has been happening.. well kind of.


  • I’ve Been Writing This Post For About Three Weeks…

    No word of a lie, I have started > deleted > started again > edited > deleted and honestly I have no idea where I am any more with a post so I guess I will start again… again


  • Howdy

    I am working from home today coz I have a cold so thought I would post a quick blurb on life in general…


  • What’s The Happs?

    Hi, yeah it’s me – I haven’t be writing because honestly there has been nothing to write about. I literally haven’t been anywhere apart from work, home, my nieces. Though sometimes I do go to the supermarket, so I guess that’s something right?


  • 5 Things I Hate About Stay-At-Home Orders

    This COVID situation has been our way of life for a couple of months now so I thought that I would share five seven things that I have learned to hate about our “new normal”.


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