Life Update…

Just thought I would give an update on my life because last time I wrote was 3 months ago and I guess stuff has been happening.. well kind of.

When I last wrote I had moved out of my old house into my nephew’s place – which for the record I went from being about 7km away from work to being 41km away! Despite the distance from work (which I probably complained about every day!), living with my nephew was really good.. I hadn’t actually spent a heck of a lot of time with him one on one previously so it was good to get to know him in a different way. To be honest though, we actually barely saw each other, especially during the week when we were both working.

Living with him meant that I actually got to see my wee niece a heap more because they live in between work and my nephew’s place so it was easy to just pop in after work. Seeing her more was definitely a bonus, she has just turned 2 & half and is the sassiest wee thing! She is currently obsessed (in no particular order) with: Anna, Elsa, Olaf, skeletons, giants, ghosts, Tangled and Elmo… oh and ghost poo (best not to ask haha). She loves to draw and has this habit of making me draw jack o’lanterns and dinosaurs … the former is pretty easy but that latter I am not so good at but at least she doesn’t judge my talents too much – she didn’t seemed too impressed with my giant drawing!

Back to my living arrangements – I finally got the keys to my new place on 5th January and had a sofa & bed delivered in the first couple days. I was planning on having my larger items moved from storage the weekend after I picked up my keys but then covid happened again! We hadn’t had any community cases for ages but of course the one weekend I wanted to move, we went into a strict 3 day lockdown.

I have enjoyed setting up my wee apartment – love this chair!

I mean it wasn’t as if I was homeless but after two months of driving 41 km to/from work in rush hour traffic was really starting to do my head in! I know people do longer commutes but going from a 15 minute commute to 50-60 minutes where you are literally just crawling along, really did start to effect me mentally. So when it was sooooo close for me to move to a please where I would be walking to work instead and having the lockdown which meant the move was delayed another week, really did not help the situation.

Anyway, that is all behind me.. I have been in my new place for a month now and I am settling in pretty well. It actually feels like longer. The weirdest thing is being able to see my work building from pretty much everywhere in the place (including the loo!!). I am slowly getting use to the building being in my line of sight but the first week was very strange! I only really see it if I am looking out certain windows but because there is nothing but low-set building between me & work, it is really the only thing I see.

On the plus side, I have had a few amazing sunsets from those same windows.

One of the sunsets from my new place. My office building is to the right

My life lately basically been trying to get the apartment sorted with furniture etc. I don’t have a lot of storage there so I have to be pretty ruthless with what I take out of my storage unit to bring into the apartment. I don’t want to have “stuff” lying around the place so I am going to be keeping the storage unit for the time being. Even though there is a monthly fee, I am still winning by not having to pay for parking at work anymore.

Now that I am starting to get settled in I am starting to think about my after work and weekend adventures again. When I was living with my nephew I really didn’t enjoy driving because of the amount of time I would spend in the car each day. But now that I am hardly driving at all, I am finding myself getting itchy feet to get into the car and go somewhere.

It is a bit hard though because Brisbane is so spread out and I don’t really want to have to go more than 30 minutes. What really limits my options is that I have been a lot of places within 30 minutes from work, so I am going to have to get my thinking cap on or just go a bit further afield.

Always on the lookout for after work adventures

So what about travelling outside of Brisbane? Well honestly I haven’t really felt the push to go anywhere – every time everything starts looking ok something will happen and the borders will close again. Queensland spent pretty much all of last year with the borders closed – meaning that if you were coming from another state you had better have a pretty good reason for coming into QLD and you would have to go into management quarantine if you came from certain areas of the country and overseas. At a cost to yourself, no less.

At the end of last year I was like “I haven’t missed travelling this year”. I think I had that attitude because not travelling afforded me to move out of my old place, which quite frankly was a rather depressing space. But now I am wanting to go places but 2 (maybe 3) places are really calling me for very different reasons.

I want to go home to Christchurch! I miss my mum. I missed her 90th birthday last year and that filled me with so much sadness. I know she had a great time with the family that were there but ya know.. you want to be there for those special moments and these times are those you will never get back. I know it sounds dramatic but I honestly don’t know if I will actually ever see her again. I know the vaccines are starting to come out but then again who knows when 1) I would be able to get the vaccine and 2) if New Zealand will have the borders without quarantine open again.

Technically I could go home but I would have to pay for 14 days of managed quarantine both in New Zealand and when I came back to Brisbane. At around $3000 AUD for both lots, I really can’t afford either the time or the money. The last time I was home was September 2019 so this has been the longest I have gone without a trip home and I am getting to the point where I am starting to struggle with not being able to see my mum!

Some old Chch photos at Little High

I also want to go to London.. I haven’t been since 2017 and I am really aching to go back. Even though right now is not the prime time to be there, those empty London streets are really calling me. I don’t miss the 24 hour travel to get there but I really miss that city. Also it would be pretty amazing to visit a major city where no one is around haha..

The 3rd place is a recent addition, Portland, OR. I visited there in November 2019 and it really left an imprint on me. To be fair, it was more Oregon that left an imprint but Portland is a cool wee city and I would love to go back and explore. But one thing I really want to do again is actually take the train from Vancouver to Portland. When I visited in 2019 I flew into Vancouver from Brisbane for a few days then took the Amtrak for the 8 hour journey down Portland but I think I would like to actually pick a couple places along the way for some stopovers. The scenery was amazing and it would be a great way to see some American small towns as something different.

I really enjoyed my time in Portland.. maybe because it was autumn!

Anyway I have prattled on enough about nothing much at all so I might just leave it there for this latest instalment on my life .. I mean it is so exciting that I will need to give you all time to take a breath until the next exciting update!

6 thoughts on “Life Update…

  1. Hi, there! Hang in there with the commute. I know what a drag it is, because I used to get up at 3:30 AM Monday-Friday to drive down the Cajon Pass to work in the valley at 7:30. I’d hit the gym first and take my shower there so I could avoid some of the traffic on the pass. And then to drive home, especially on Friday night when everyone was driving out of town to Vegas….so I get ya on the long distance thing. It is tiring. I hope that gets better for you. You are doing what you can to make ends meet and the good news…YOU HAVE A JOB. I just got laid off again, 3x now during COVID. Yes, 3x. My taxes are going to be interesting. Anyway, hang in there!


    1. Thanks Sandi. I have since moved and now my commute is a 5 minute walk.. one extreme to another! This covid business is really taking a toll isn’t it. Hope things start looking up for you!

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  2. Congratulations on your new flat! That’s a lovely sofa. Sorry you still can’t see your mum. I’d love to travel too but quarantined and tested, doesn’t appeal to me now, we’ll stick to local adventures


    1. I know what you mean! I could travel but I’d have to spend a whole month in quarantine so it would have to really be a long trip if I were to do anything. Sadly I don’t have an exciting are to explore haha but I will have to do something soon I think


  3. The world is certainly a different place because we can’t travel . Borders going up and down makes it hard to plan anything. Hopefully vaccinations will let us off the leash! Love your new chair. A new place, though near work , would be a fresh start again. I should get your packing tips! Congrats on your renewed life.


    1. Thanks Lyn.. it certainly is a different world out there! Will be interesting to see what this year brings too. Number 1 packing tip – declutter and cull as much as you can before you move. I hate to think where I would be if I wasn’t extremely ruthless with my culling!


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