I am literally useless… at blogging

I keep telling myself that I will write more but then don’t and months go past until I realise I haven’t posted. It is so weird not having anything to say when I always have something to say!

What is this post going to be about? No one actually knows, least of all me. I keep starting posts, thinking that it would be a really interesting topic but then I either forget it about it or I decided I have had word vomit so in the end I just end up deleting the drafts.

Well not this time!

Sooooo.. since I last wrote in July, I have actually been home to New Zealand. Now that the country is opened up and Covid 19 is kind of like a bad memory, it is easier to get places so hopefully that means an increase of travel related stuff. Which, to be honest, is more exciting to talk about than the trip I took to the supermarket the other day.

I am actually heading home again in November, plus just before that I am doing a road trip down to Grafton in New South Wales to see some Jacarandas. It is a 4 hour drive each way and I am just going down for a night – funnily enough, it is quicker to fly to NZ than it is to drive to Grafton!

Right, so, yeah. I went home at the start of September for my mum’s birthday – first time in two years that I’ve been able to do that and my sister was there as well, so that was cool. Caught up with heaps of other family members, which was really nice.

I did also get out and about a bit because I wanted to find some daffodils, being the start of spring and all that. As I was driving around I remembered why Christchurch has always been known as a very English city.

One day I went for a drive out to a little place called Tai Tapu, which is on the road between Christchurch and Akaroa. It is a tiny little ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ place but just off the main road you’ll find a lovely little library and church. It is one of my favourite places to visit and only around 30 minutes from downtown Christchurch.

Tai Tapu Library est 1932
St Paul’s Anglican Church, Tai Tapu est 1932

I also went into the central city to a place called Victoria Square. Since it was the start of spring and I had seen other flowers around the city I wondered what it would look like there. Despite it being very wintery with the bare trees, the flowers they had were just gorgeous.

From Victoria Square, I headed to the Botanical Gardens, which sit along side the Avon River on one side, and the Canterbury Museum on the other. Across the road is the Art Centre, all of which is very English indeed!

Fun fact : the day I went into the city, I had woken to snow in the morning. The afternoon though, turned out to be quite lovely. Here are a few photos

Victoria Square. The area was also used between 1000-1500 BC as a settlement of the Waitaha people
The Christchurch Trams are a great way to see the inner city with the hop on/hop off option
Christchurch, your Englishness is showing
20220906_135641 (1)
The Peacock Fountain in the Botanical Gardens doesn’t actually have a peacock anywhere on the fountain, the guy who bequeathed it was called John Peacock. circa 1911. The Art Centre is in the background
Another photo of the Art Centre with a flowerbed this time. The Arts Centre has quite the history, you can read more here

Other than those two wee visits, I just hung around mum’s place an annoyed her – something which I am very good at haha. As a result I didn’t really take too many photos but I will included a couple of random ones below.

I had arrived VERY early in the morning & was picking my sister up from the airport a few hours later so I ended up staying at the hotel next to the airport for the night – this photo was taken around 1.30am and it was about -2 degrees Celsius
One of the cool things about Christchurch Airport is that it does have a few cool interactive things you can do to wile away the time
The day it snowed! I woke up about 6.30ish and read the forecast, which said snow to 200 mts, then I looked out the window and saw a smattering of snow. So yes, of course I had to go and take a random photo of my mum’s backyard
Close up view of the Arts Centre – I just really liked the photo
Leaving Christchurch very early in the morning was a massive struggle but seeing this view over the Southern Alps is always a decent consolation prize

Well there you have it.. I guess until next time, see you later

8 thoughts on “I am literally useless… at blogging

      1. Same here! But don’t you also experience that readership stats are down generally? Perhaps because younger generation are more to video based contents youtube tiktok instagram when they look for info? Perhaps it’s only here in Indonesia, but that’s what I guess…

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      2. Maybe. .. I mean I find myself coming onto WordPress a lot less than I use to (hence why it’s taken me 6 days to reply to your comment haha)


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