I am working from home today coz I have a cold so thought I would post a quick blurb on life in general…

Well the thing that is currently dominating my life – I have 31 one days until I move and I am started to stress majorly! I actually don’t really know why because I am working through my moving out plan quite nicely.

Sidenote – being a travel planner from way back has really come in handy for this move. Because I am not doing any trips for my birthday this year, I am putting all my planning energy into this move and it is working out well so far.

I keep saying to people that I feel overwhelmed by what I still have to do but I have to keep remembering what I have already accomplished – I actually should have taken before and after photos but I kind of felt too embarrassed – not that I was am a hoarder in the sense of having old newspapers stacked up lining the walls of my unit but just in that after 17 years I had a lot of “stuff” and I have come to realise that I don’t really need all that stuff.

In saying that, I still am keeping my 10th birthday card that my mum sent me asking me to water the plants because she was away – I mean come on!

I have surprised myself with how ruthless I became over the last 5 weeks.. and how much I actually enjoyed going to the dump – I have been so often that I am sure they are about to award me with a frequent visitor card. I also do still have a wee way to go – the easy part has actually been happening, next comes moving actual furniture etc.

I don’t know if it’s just me but I really hate asking for help. I mean I have people who can help me but I feel, in a way, inadequate as a human for asking. My sister told me off and said that the “boys’ (my nephew and nephew’s in law) will be happy to help their aunty out but I actually get all anxious by asking – like I am imposing on them.

I feel like I am failing as an adult for asking for help.

Is that even a thing? Can you be a failure as an adult for asking for help? Anyway, I did ask for help and I got a positive response so I don’t know what I was worried about.

There is still a heap to do but at least I know my bedroom & spare room are done. I still have my kitchen cupboard to go through and also the laundry clean out, not to mention ALL my planning stuff! But I am still on track – even if sometimes I feel like I am behind and should be doing more.

Anyone got any tips for a stress-free move? Is there even such a thing?

Well as I ponder that and some of life’s other big questions, I should probably get back to work (don’t worry, I was on my lunch break :D)

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