WPC: Ooooh Shiny

This week’s Photo Challenge is about what distracts us.. my problem is what DOESN’T distract me!

But one thing that I do get distracted mostly by is Street Signs. Actually I get distracted by all kinds of signs but I do love a good street sign. Here are just a few from my travels:

England Hamburg
Edinburgh Oamaru
Burke's Pass Oxford, UK
Bruges Tutbury, England
Shoreditch Bourton on the Water
Painswick, England York
York Pateley Bridge, England
Bruges Sidbury

Street Signs

via Photo Challenge: Ooh, Shiny!

8 responses to “WPC: Ooooh Shiny”

  1. I get distracted by street signs too!

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    1. Haha glad I’m not the only one


  2. Interesting distraction from monks and churches to bakkers and shambles

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    1. Haha true. Going through my photos I was really surprised at how many Church streets, lanes etc there are haha

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