Tooting My Own Horn

So far 2017 has been really good to me in the way of social media. I’ve been engaging more with other bloggers and the results are starting to show.

I just got notified by WordPress that I have now hit 200 followers – it might not seem much to some people but to me, every one of my followers is very much appreciated.


I’ve had a lot more people like my Facebook page and sitting at about 12 away from reaching 400 followers there.


I have also reached over 1000 followers on Instagram. Recently I was looking at an old post from March 2015 – just under two years ago, and I had 194 followers on Instagram. As of today I have 1095 – that’s a huge jump in two years!


So how am I doing it?

I have started following a couple of groups on Facebook where you can interact with other bloggers and Instagramers and increase traffic to your social media pages – it’s a bit like pimping yourself out but it does get results.

While blogging for me isn’t about the number of likes or if I make money from it (I totally don’t expect to make money from it) but I like to think that someone out there actually enjoys what I produce.

I would like to say a huge thank you to every single person who has followed me and/or liked a blog post; Facebook post or Instagram photo. Also thanks to everyone who comments on my stuff – I really do appreciate it.

So in to toot my own horn even more, below are my social media links:


and of course you can follow me on this blog as well 🙂

I’d love to connect with you all so feel free to leave your links in the comments and I’ll be sure to follow you back.

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