Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Old & New

Long time follower, first time poster of Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – today’s theme is Old & New so of course I immediately thought London.. to be fair, London is usually the first thing I think about when it comes to anything 😀

One thing I love about London is her ability to blend the old and new in a great way. There is a lot of history in London and I would hate to see it go for progression purposes.

Tower of London & The Gherkin


The above photo shows the historic Tower of London, whose White Tower was built by William the Conquer in 1078. Behind it stands the also iconic Gherkin, also known by its less famous name of 30 St Mary Axe, which was completed 925 years after the White Tower in 2003.

St Paul’s Cathedral


St Paul’s Cathedral has been as symbol of London since it was finished in 1708 after The Great Fire of London had destroyed the previous structure. There has been a St Paul’s on this site however, since AD604 (that’s a long time ago!). The current St Paul’s also saw action in the 2nd World War, during The Blitz when it was damaged due to bombs.

There is currently a ‘Protected View’ law in place for St Paul’s Cathedral so that despite the large skyscrappers being built in the City of London, the view of St Paul’s can still be seen from many places around the city.

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