WPC – Evanescent

If there is one thing I am getting out of these Weekly Photo Challenges, its enhancing my vocabulary! I mean Evanescent?!?! But hey, always open to learn (well almost always).

So thanks to Google (what did we do before Google?!) I have learned that “evanescent” means:

“Soon passing out of sight, memory, or existence; quickly fading or disappearing”

Oh yeah, that makes it so much easier to understand – so now I have to interpret the meaning. Truth be told, I kind of checked out a few other blogs to see what interpretation others came up with and I think I figured it out.

Clouds.. I have a bit of a love affair with clouds. I’ve been known to post photos to Instagram when there is a bit of #skyporn going on.. like this one here that I took at work one morning:

The things with clouds is that if you don’t capture them right there & then, the next minute they will either have changed or be gone completely. They are never the same. So with that in mind, here are some photos I’ve captured over the years of those things in the sky called ‘clouds’.

Hamburg, Germany – from the hop on hop off bus

Lake Tekapo
Lake Tekapo, New Zealand – at sunset

South Island
West Coast, New Zealand – looking over the Tasman Sea

Christchurch, New Zealand – driving down a barren road

Byron Bay
Byron Bay, Australia – looking picture perfect

Canterbury, New Zealand – flying above the clouds

Bruges, Belgium – mixing cool architecture with cool clouds

Todenham, England – contrasting colours

Fountains Abbey
Fountains Abbey, England – perfect capture

Lifou, South Pacific – that sunset though!

Vancouver, Canada – one of my favourites

And finally

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn, United States – how could I not end on this all kinds of awesome photo!


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10 thoughts on “WPC – Evanescent

  1. You know how my ‘thing’ is clocks…? Well my mom’s ‘thing’ is clouds. Here last trip out to California ended with her bringing home (I kid you not) just over 4,000 pictures of clouds! And she was only there for 2 weeks!! Great pictures btw. 🙂

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