My Latest New Zealand Road Trip – Day 1 & 2

As you may remember, I decided for my 50th birthday to do a road trip to Milford Sound, somewhere I hadn’t been before. I have been back since mid November but covid and work have kind of gotten in the way of me writing anything about the trip… but that changes now!

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500 Words – On This Day

I know.. two posts in a week! What the hell!? I decided to bring out the old #500words post idea to share a photo from this day in 2017 when I was on a road trip around England.

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Kooroomba Vineyard and Lavender Farm

It was a public holiday recently so my sister, who has been visiting, and I headed out west to the Kooroomba Vineyard and Lavender Farm.

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Goodbye May…

Ok so I admit, I am a crap blogger and I honestly have no reason why I haven’t written for a couple of weeks. But I did actually get up to a little bit last month so here is my monthly recap for May…

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Road Tripping England

You may have picked up on this but my next trip to England is coming up pretty darn fast (though, not fast enough in my mind!) so I thought I’d share with you my previous road tripping adventures that I’ve had in England.

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