WPC – Favourite Place(s)

How on earth do you choose your Favourite Place?! If you know anything about me after reading previous posts, you will know that I have A LOT of favourites so this topic is a bit of a challenge.

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London Wish List – UPDATED

When I wrote this post back in June about my London Wish List I honestly wasn’t sure if I was actually going to accomplish much of it, but once I got home from my trip in November and was going through my photos (it always happens that way), I realise I got around the city more than actually thought I would.

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Favourite Things – Architecture

As I travel more, I do find myself drawn to some things more than others. So I have decided to do a series of posts about some of my favourite things – I was going to do one post but found that I wanted to add so many photos that I thought a few posts would be better 🙂

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Day 31: Bonus – My Twelve Favourite Photos From 2016

This writing challenge only went up to Day 30 so because December has 31 days in it, I decided to do a free for all today. The topic I’ve chosen (as you can tell from the title) is my 12 favourite photos from 2016.

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Day 14: Post Your Favourite Movies That You Never Tire Of Watching

I am a creature of habit – I generally get the same thing to eat from the likes of Subway, McDonalds etc. Movies are no exception – there are some movies that I can (and will) just watch over and over again.

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