How Random…

Apparently there is a random question generator. I am not sure why I should be surprised by that because there is pretty much a generator for everything from your Star Wars name to a random number generator. But anyway, there is a random question generator and I thought I’d give it a go…

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Goodbye May…

Ok so I admit, I am a crap blogger and I honestly have no reason why I haven’t written for a couple of weeks. But I did actually get up to a little bit last month so here is my monthly recap for May…

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Melbourne – Day Eight

Well I just got myself well and truly messed up with all these days and started writing up Day Eight when it was actually Day Nine! Luckily Day Eight was a very mellow day and I didn’t actually end up doing a heck of a lot:

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Melbourne – Day Seven

Day Seven of my Melbourne trip was another HUGE day for me. I ended up doing about 11,088 steps; got rained on; visited a couple of places that I had been wanting to go to for ages and went to a very cool local play.. let me tell you all about it:

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Melbourne – Day Six

Standing on the balcony of our 25th floor apartment in Melbourne, we could see the Queen Victoria Markets. Just beyond that was a church, one that seemed to beckon me every day so on Day Six in Melbourne, that was my first destination.

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