It’s A Planner’s Life For Me

Ok so I know I’ve been MIA for a while, mostly because I kind of fell out of love with all kinds of social media including blogging.  But I actually have something to say so I thought I would blog about it.. so here we are…

So what it is that I want to say? Well I’ve gotten into planners…

Alright so it might not be all that ground breaking but there you have it.

My niece recently got me a gorgeous Kikki K mint coloured planner and it is so super cute that I can’t stop looking for things to put in it. I’ve spent this morning taking a few photos of the planner so I thought I’d share with you want I’ve got going on with it.

Kikki K Planner

I’ve added a rose gold heart sticker to the front because it goes really well with the rose gold colour of clasp and luckily my duvet cover is a great backdrop for a planner photoshoot.

Kikki K Planner

Full disclosure, I’m pretty much a boring person – not really a good match for having a planner where you have to write down the things you’ve got going on… basically I have nothing going on – but it’s fun to make the planner look pretty!

Kikki K Planner

The planner came with a few dividers that have inspirational message on them – there are tabs for:

  • the calendar – which I have get a life to fill in
  • meetings – which I have changed to travel for my travel planning
  • to do – I don’t really have much “to do” so far!
  • 4 blank tabs which I have used two for Personal (journal entries) and Inspiration (which is just stuff I find inspirational.. inspired I know!). Haven’t decided what to use the other two for yet.

Kikki K Planner

On the other side of each divider I have decorated it based on what I am using that section for – I don’t feel like the travel one is fully complete so I will probably add a bit to it at some stage – I am getting more decorations delivered soon so this page might change soon.

Kikki K Planner

It has been fun decorating the planner – I don’t really see myself as that creative and trying to work out what looks good can be a bit frustrating to me but I figure that no one else is really going to see it – well apart from me showing you lot now that is!!

Kikki K Planner

This is my To Do section – I’m struggling with the To Do section because I kind of figure a lot of that will be in the calendar section. Mind you I can always put New Blog Post on that list and then I’ll be able to cross it off meaning I’ve actually accomplished something.. yay me!

Kikki K Planner

This is the Inspiration section and the one I created most recently. I am kind of in love with it – I even made bunting!! I can definitely see a colour theme appearing. My niece is also doing this planner thing and she has a black one – which I think is cool because she can use so many different colours and themes. Mine being mint (which I gorgeous FYI) I am finding that I am leaning towards a more pastel/muted colour scheme when it comes to decorating the planner.

Kikki K Planner

Yes, I had to get London in there somewhere of course!! I also have a page where I introduce my great, great niece since she is like the most important thing in my life right now 🙂

Kikki K Planner

So there you have it… my new addiction – Kikki K planners

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