And That Was February…

I hate February. It is my least favourite month of the year, so it is probably just as well it is also the shortest month of the year.

I like to think that the new year doesn’t actually start until March.. the reason is because January is just too damn long & February is the month of the devil.

And I have substantial proof to back up my claim.

Don’t get me wrong, I use to like February well enough. Treated it like every other month but then BOOM…

February 2010 my dad passes away

February 2011 Christchurch earthquake that kills 183 people, including people one of my closest friends knew & worked with

February 2013 my mum gets so sick the doctors say she only has a 20% chance of survival (she did survive and is still plodding along 6 years later)

February 2019Β and the latest reason why February sucks, my 24 yr old great-niece gets bloody carjacked at knifepoint on a suburban street! Again, she is ok.. physically anyway but the car has been crashed by the mongrels who took it and my niece is suffering from the after effects of a rather terrifying situation.

Not to mention a cold I seem to have held on to for the last 3 weeks…

I am now thinking of starting a petition to get February banned from future years.

But lets not dwell on the bad and lets see what I got up to in February…

Ok so it wasn’t quite that bad.

I did take a photo of a beach when I went up to the Sunshine Coast for a work meeting


And a tattoo parlour’s neon lights at 10pm one night


I got taken out for lunch one day with a stunning view of the Brisbane River


I managed up at stupid o’clock one Saturday morning to try to get a good sunrise shot with my trusty cell phone camera


And when I wasn’t 100% successful, ended up driving around taking random photos of random houses


And old churches


Before getting a pretty stunning sunrise photo, complete with a man in a canoe (or maybe it was a kayak?!)


Oh and my favourite photo of that day was this one where I pretended it was autumn and not 30 degrees Celsius at 6 o’clock in the morning


And in other news, I spontaneously went to a concert. My friend was in town to go to a concert by one of her favourite bands but unfortunately they had to cancel because the lead singer was sick but the support band, The Struts, decided they would put on a free show for people who wanted to come along. I was dropping her off at the gig but she convinced me to stay, telling me how awesome they were.

Little did I know that they would come away with a new fan, because they are, in fact, awesome and I would come away having met the lead singer, Luke Spiller in one of my well-known ‘meeting famous people awkward moments’:

Me upon meeting Luke Spiller, rock’n’roll dude: “Hi, I have no idea who you are”
Luke Spiller upon meeting me, some random weirdo: “You do now, I’m Luke”


LRM_EXPORT_619786015575233_20190203_201859980The Struts in action

LRM_EXPORT_616939363189846_20190203_190911500Me & my new mate Luke

Also while my friend was in town I had taken the Monday off work and we met up with another friend that we haven’t seen for 4 years (very bad on my part because we live in the same city!) but we headed to a place called Paw Paw Cafe where I munched on pancakes with peanut butter ice cream while we chatted for a couple of hours. I felt a bit like a lady of leisure having brunch on a weekday.. so fancy!


And of course what is a monthly update without my gorgeous g.g niece and our awesome photoshoots – who I am pretty sure you are all here to see anyway! (click on the photos to enlarge them)

Also, just to prove we don’t always have a successful photo shoot, here is a behind the scenes shot from the Toy Story one – someone wasn’t happy to have Slinky Dog taken from them because they loved chewing his ears. FYI, it wasn’t me taking anything away from her. Her Grandmama is just a meanie!

Rory_week 3 (8).jpeg

My favourite shoot so far I think, has to be the one we did on the last weekend of February. On the actual day, it was not only Bubba’s 7 month birthday but it was also the 11th anniversary of my dad passing away.

We had chosen the Navy theme specifically for this reason & Bubba wore this super cute little dress while being surrounded by some props and the Maltese Cross pin that use to be my dad’s, but all she cared about was this old photo of my dad. When I first showed it to her, she dropped the toy she was playing with, literally yanked the photo out of my hand and wouldn’t let go of it.

She had never seen a photo of dad before but we talk about ‘grandad’ all the time so even though he is no longer here, she is definitely going to know about him ❀

Rory_week 4 (11)

And after all that, February is done for another year.

This month will never be easy for me because of what has happened in the past but I have to keep remembering that despite the bad, there is always good too. Getting up to see an incredible sunrise; being taken out for lunch; meeting an amazingly generous lead singer of a cool band; catching up with friends over brunch; and of course playing with my wee buddy definitely go towards making the month more bearable.

See you all next time


4 thoughts on “And That Was February…

    1. Oh she brings so much joy! Whenever I’m having a bad day I just pop down to see her & give her cuddles. The smile she gives when I walk in the door is just heart melting. You can’t feel bad after that!


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