Onwards To 2019

It’s a new year.. apparently, so I guess it is time for some new goals – to be fair, I didn’t really have success with last years goals so I am not really holding out hope that I will succeed this year either. But hey.. gotta start somewhere right?

So, what are these new goals I hear you ask (I know you really didn’t but since you’re here you might as well stay):

I have been struggling a lot with all things social media, which has been going on for pretty much a year, if not more. I guess I just wasn’t really feeling it last year and as a result my content dropped significantly. I also think that because I don’t actually travel that much (ok yes in 2018 I did go to Melbourne, Sydney, Christchurch and Europe but in the grand scheme of things it really isn’t that much) I feel like I have nothing to share.

Fun Fact:

In 2017 I posted a total of 86 blog posts.. in 2018 it was only 36 posts

I got a car in April 2018, which was the first car I’ve had in 15 years, so I was able to go around Brisbane a lot more but honestly there are only so many photos you can take of the Brisbane skyline from Kangaroo Point. I didn’t really go further afield because, well my great, great-niece was born and if I wasn’t at home I was visiting her so it’s kind of all Rory’s fault.

One of the very many Brisbane skyline photos I took in 2018 – to be fair, it is a very nice skyline!

All of this means that I just didn’t have content to share – well not as much as I would have wanted. And as a result some of my social media interactions fell to the wayside, so where to next?

This Blog

I honestly don’t know what to do with this blog.. and it is has been a recurring theme for a while now. I mean I started this way back when as a way to keep my family & friends updated when I went on travels but as my readership grew, I wanted to try to create better posts and it all seemed to become too hard.

There is only so many times you can write about London, you know!

Houses of Parliament
London is a pretty amazing city but it does feature very frequently on my social media platforms

I have gone backwards and forwards in regards to where to go here:

  • Do I keep it as a travel blog and only post when I go on trips – which aren’t all that frequent (my next trip isn’t until May!)
  • Do I lean towards more of a lifestyle blogย – but I really don’t actually know what thatย  actually means
  • Do I go down the ‘here’s what I’ve been up to’ route and talk more about my everyday life – although I am not really too sure how exciting it would be to read about what Netflix shows I’ve become addicted to (for the record I just finished watching Derry Girls and it was way better than I thought it was going to be)
  • Do I have a combination of all three – and if so, how exactly would I do that?


Instagram is a big part of my social media life and I do spend (or have spent) a heap of time-wasting away the day looking at (and getting jealous of) accounts on Instagram and Insta Stories.

After a posting hiatus in late December, I have started this year deciding that unless I have taken a photo within the previous week that I think is worthy enough to post online, then I am not posting anything.

My Instagram profile and a bunch of highlights from my latest trip – way more exciting than my actual life!

This might mean that I don’t always post regularly – I was trying to post at least once a day but honestly, it is a really time-consuming thing to do. If I haven’t taken a good enough photo recently then I have to go through my mountains of old photos to try to figure out which photo to upload, then come up with a caption as to why, oh and hope that I haven’t posted it before!

I’ve decided that it is just way easier to forget about the old stuff and focus on new content. I am also hoping that this forces me to actually get out and do stuff.. it hasn’t so far but it is only the 4th day of the new year and I have worked 3 of those days so I am not being too hard on myself yet.


My FB page is always kind of an after thought – it is where I have a link to this blog and also where my Instagram photos show up but I don’t really use it for anything else. This year I really want to increase my content on there because I do find that I have the most interaction with followers on FB so why not use that to my advantage.

So I am going to have to try to work out a way to do that – whether it be an update of life or a post that I find interesting enough to share to my followers. I think a bit more research into how to best use Facebook is in order.


I guess what I am really saying here is that this is the year for change. It might not be a huge life changing one but a change none the less.

How this will pan out over the next wee while is up in the air but I am hoping that this small changes will give me some kind of direction of where I want my online persona to go.

Of course if anyone has any ideas, tips or tricks, I would be more than happy to hear them.


10 thoughts on “Onwards To 2019

  1. hmm, strangely enough I do think ‘boring updates’ work. I find I enjoy reading posts that are less focused and more personal. I haven’t been updating so much this year. Although I”m still travelling a lot I am really bored of the ’10 things to do in xxx’ type posts that perform well for SEO, and I think I”d like to include myself more and worry less about how many people are going to read it. I haven’t worked out the details yet; just thinking through ideas.
    Good luck. I hope you find a niche to slip into.

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    1. Hi Sarah, As a fellow travel blogger I am kinda glad to read you have the same struggles, honestly. This year is a BIG change for me also, I have an international move and have to refocus the business.

      So I am kinda in the same boat. This year my motivational word is “trust.” Mostly trust the process, myself and the direction I’m going. I know there are a lot of travel bloggers out there BUT my voice is my voice. I think we get caught up with comparing and it kinda can be paralyzing so last year, I tried to focus on “what’s my voice?” It turns out people want to hear from me. They wanna hear from you too. I know you love travel but journeys come in all shapes and sizes…what’s your journey. I think people will still want to know ๐Ÿ˜‰

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      1. Oh wow you pretty much put in a nutshell how I am feeling. Kind of glad I’m not the only one. I think it will be a struggle for me to not just think about travel when posting but incorporate more of a general life thing.. I gotta get me a life! Haha

        Good luck with your changes this year.. sounds full on

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    2. I’m happy to provide boring updates haha.. its hard when you had one specific idea and then tey to move away from it. I might try a monthly update. I did start doing some last year but because I didn’t travel so much I kind of stopped doing them but if I focus less on the travel side & more on life in general then that might help with what I want to achieve.

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  2. Here’s a thought: do you collect souvenirs on your travels? Do you have some that you absolutely adore? Maybe snap a pic of it and share where you got it, why, and what it reminds you of. I don’t think you have to post very frequently; as long as it’s simi-regular, I think you’re fine. I love all of your posts and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

    I’ve seen the card for Derry Girls on Netflix and wondered if I should give it a go. I think I will now. I’ve just finished Insta Hotel and thought about you throughout the whole show, wondering what your accent sounds like. Hope that’s not creepy! ๐Ÿ˜€

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    1. I’m not really a souvenir collector to be honest. Was actually just talking about this with my boss this week haha. I’ve gotten things in the past & then just put them in a box & forgotten about them (tho I do have one that I think you’d love ๐Ÿ˜‰) .. I do collect pretty much anything Union Jack related tho.. maybe I should do a post about that haha.

      Derry Girls was good. The main girl kind of annoyed me a bit, not sure if it was over acting but she didn’t really appeal to me but the ensemble cast was food.. the school head mistress cracked me up. Just googled Instant Hotel.. I kind of have a combination Kiwi/Aussie accent.. Aussies can tell strait away that I’m Kiwi but when I go home I get accused of sounding Aussie haha but when I do travel, a lot of people think I’m Aussie but I think that is more with me definitely not sounding English or American so people assume you must be from Australia .. I correct them tho haha

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