I Have Been Completely Remiss..

Yes, I am a slack blogger and no, I don’t really have an excuse except for pure laziness.

I had planned to do a great blog about my adventures in July – which weren’t really that great and mostly consisted of me getting up early to catch the sunrise; working; some bagpipes; more working; my sister arriving; an antique store and a new baby (not mine!)

So instead of me writing about what I got up to, here are some photos that I took in the month of July

Eat Street Markets

I’ve been to the Eat Street Markets before but one Friday after work I decided that I didn’t particularly want to go straight home so headed here instead. Only $3 to get in and the atmosphere is pretty cool!

Eat Street Markets Eat Street Markets
Eat Street Markets Eat Street Markets

International Tartan Day

Literally my favourite day of the year – yes I love it even more than Christmas!

International Tartan Day International Tartan Day
International Tartan Day International Tartan Day

Camp Hill Antique Centre

I had planned to take my sister out for her birthday to a different place but 1) realised that it was closed just before we headed off & 2) in hindsight this was way cooler anyway. And no I didn’t take her here because she is now an antique 😉

Camp Hill Antique Centre Camp Hill Antique Centre
Camp Hill Antique Centre Camp Hill Antique Centre


One Friday night I decided to go for a wander around Southbank, however I didn’t realised until I after I parked that I was in a 1 hour spot so I didn’t really have much time except to walk down to the waterfront & then walk back. The next morning was the lunar eclipse, which I got up at 4.30am for and found myself back at Southbank for a few more photos before the mad rush of the day occurred. (First two photos are from the Friday night and the second two are from Saturday morning)

Southbank Southbank
Southbank Southbank

Great, Great Aunty

The big news of the month of July is that I became a Great, Great Aunty… yes you did read that right!! Basically my sister’s daughter’s daughter had a daughter and now I am an historic figure.


And so that was July.

So far August isn’t shaping up to be anything exciting to be honest so I guess I need to get out & about before the end of the month so I actually have something to share at the end of the month.


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