Home For The Weekend – The Street Art Edition

I have a constant dilemma. Ok to be fair, I have a lot of constant dilemma’s but the one I’m talking about is real and it is effecting me right now…

I take a lot of photos.

I know that is not really a surprise to pretty much anyone who knows me or has followed me for a while. The real problem comes when I want to share those photos – I mean who really wants to see 700 photos of my 4 day weekend home to Christchurch?!?!

So I have to now come up with a plan to share said photos without boring everyone to tears. I mean I like my photos but that doesn’t mean every else wants to see hundreds of them. And I really don’t know how to choose the best ones as a kind of highlight reel.

Although to be fair, I was home for two full days and other than crazy photos I took with my nieces, my photos consist of two things really – autumn and street art.. both of which Christchurch does really well. So it seems only fair that I split my posts into two separate ones and I will start with the Street Art Edition (there are less photos!!)

So here we go (all photos are taken on my Samsung S9+ and were edited with Snapseed):

Christchurch Street Art
This piece is by Aussie artist, Rone. I am so captivated by it but it is rarely seen without cars in front!

Christchurch Street Art
I spotted this Jacob Yikes piece in the middle of a cleared demo site and thought it was weird. But then I wandered around the side of it and it is actually steps – leading to nowhere of course

Christchurch Street Art
I love this Cookie Monster work by Emma – it isn’t the first time I’ve taken some photos of it either

Christchurch Street Art
This beautifully stunning piece of work is by Chch artist Brandon Warrell and can be found on the Hereford Street just past Cathedral Square – it is seriously beautiful!

Christchurch Street Art
This is part of a larger piece of art by Cracked Ink – and it is freaking awesome. It can be found on Hereford Street

Christchurch Street Art
I really wanted to see this piece by Flox but it is REALLY hard to photograph – also there was a bloody van parked right in my way!

Christchurch Street Art
More of the Flox piece – it was really huge and spells out “No Place Like Home”. It is found next to the Lichfield Street car park

Christchurch Street Art
This GORGEOUS piece by Chimp is found on the wall of the new Justice Precinct building on Lichfield Street and is so beautiful!

Christchurch Street Art
I had grey skies all day and then I came to this piece by Findac at the YMCA on Hereford Street. The blue skies appeared and I got this stunning shot. I have to share the story of this one because it is lovely:

“”Kaitaki’ is Maori for ‘the guardian’ and this depiction of Ashleigh Sagar is meant as a symbol of protection to the city.

The bird on the right is a kingfisher or kotare and is found on the South Island where Christchurch is situated.

The owl on the left is called a ruru and they are sacred to Maori culture and synonymous with signs of warning. Given the earthquakes here a few years ago, from which the city is still visibly recovering, I felt it only right to reference the disaster but also to look forward to the future in a way that I can only hope local people will.

Christchurch Street Art
Found this Shraddha Shresthra piece in New Brighton when I went to get my mum flowers for Mother’s Day

Christchurch Street Art
I am not sure who created this piece but I found it in the YMCA carpark

Christchurch Street Art
These very cool giant spray cans on Manchester Street show the artworks of Jacob Yikes, Ikarus and Wongi Wilson. 

Christchurch Street Art
Another Jacob Yikes artwork, this one is for the Alice Cinema on Tuam Street

Christchurch Street Art
I have two massively favourite pieces of street art in Christchurch – this is one of them. Sadly the other one is slowly being covered due to new buildings. But more importantly, both of them were done by New Zealand artist Owen Dippie. This one has been around for a long time and I hope it stays because it really is stunning.

So those are some of the photos I took of street art in Christchurch while I was home.  I will get my autumn post together in the next few days 🙂


6 thoughts on “Home For The Weekend – The Street Art Edition

  1. The struggle is real! Too many pictures is the story of my life.

    Love the art you’ve captured. Your tours of Christchurch are a great walk down memory lane for me. Thanks so much.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are welcome! I need to go back more regularly and do some more art spotting! There is a great map at watchthisspace.org.nz showing where art is around the whole city!

      Liked by 1 person

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