WPC – Favourite Place(s)

How on earth do you choose your Favourite Place?! If you know anything about me after reading previous posts, you will know that I have A LOT of favourites so this topic is a bit of a challenge.

Cheri doesn’t help matters in this post when asking the questions:

“Do you have a favorite bench in your neighborhood? A secret spot that you seek every now and then to reflect or reset? A viewpoint overlooking your favorite town that you climb to whenever you visit? A location in a faraway city that brings you joy?”

It didn’t really help me much at all so I guess I will just have to share my FAVOURITES (plural) with you instead.

View of the South Island
Favourite window seat view – flying over the South Island. I know I’m nearly home!

Aoraki/Mount Cook
Favourite view – Aoraki/Mount Cook and Lake Pukaki. Always stunning!

St Paul's Cathedral
Favourite building – St Paul’s Cathedral, London. Love this building so much!!

Road Trip
Favourite detour – Lake Rotoiti, New Zealand. Stunning end to a long travel day

Eiffel Tower
Favourite ‘wow’ moment – Seeing the Eiffel Tower at night.. just wow!

Favourite place to return to – Greenwich, London. Countless visits!

Top of the Rock
Favourite travel photo – NYC from above .. one of my favourite photos anyway!!

BlossomsFavourite place in the world – Christchurch, New Zealand .. Home ❤️

So there you have it.. my favourite places.
Where is your favourite place? (or places!)

via Photo Challenge: Favorite Place

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2 thoughts on “WPC – Favourite Place(s)

  1. My favorite- what I call my happy place- would be on the New River here in Virginia. Fella and I are there multiple times every summer taking in the sunshine, splashing in the water, usually smoking cigars and reading. If we’re feeling ‘adventurous,’ we bring the kayaks or tubes and float for hours.

    But I will say the place that always seems to bring a smile to my face when I least expect it is when I’m driving up to see my parents, passing by a landmark in my hometown: part of the U.S. Library of Congress. It’s built into the side of Mount Pony (though it’s not really a mountain- just a large hill). Every time I pass it after being gone for a while, it always reminds me of where I’m from. 🙂

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    1. I just googled New River, Virginia.. WOW!!! What a stunning place! I really want to visit Virginia proper – I did go to Mount Vernon a few years ago and loved the area.

      I am the same when I fly over the South Island. I know that I am about to land in my home town when I see that huge river. Always gives me a bit of a thrill. Though on the other side of that, when I am flying out of Christchurch, I feel very sad and teary because I’m leaving.


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