WPC – I’d Rather Be…

This weeks Photo Challenge is to think about what I’d rather be doing. The first thing that comes to mind when I think of the words “I’d rather be…” is anywhere but here!

I really wouldn’t be anywhere but here (here being where I am right this minute.. at work in Brisbane!), I’d rather be some more specific places:

I’d rather be.. wandering the streets of London,


Or, visiting Christchurch for autumn.


I’d rather be on a road trip, visiting small villages in England,


Or seeing more of New Zealand. 

South Island

I would rather be wasting time in a Melbourne cafe,


Or perhaps even Bruges.


While I wouldn’t want to be just anywhere, there are definitely places that
I’d Rather Be.

Is there somewhere you would rather be or something you would rather be doing?

via Photo Challenge: I’d Rather Be…

I'd Rather Be

6 responses to “WPC – I’d Rather Be…”

  1. lovely places you have selected – I think today I would like to be in a cafe in Italy as I have never been there.


    1. That definitely sounds like a plan 😁

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  2. Disneyland comes to mind. Would there be a destination of the theme park kind you keep clear of?


    1. Personally I’d keep clear of them all haha. Though I would like to go to Harry Potter World

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  3. Your photos made my bucket list longer. “I’d rather be anywhere but here.” Now there’s a bumper sticker! Toni


    1. Oh wow thanks!! I usually think like that when I’m at work or during the Aussie summer haha

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