Melbourne.. Kind Of

I haven’t posted in a while simply because I didn’t have anything to write and I was waiting for my trip to Melbourne before writing anything.

Well Melbourne has been & gone and I still haven’t really got anything to write… well I do but I am nowhere near prepared. Mostly because I took over 3,600 photos and I haven’t finished going through them yet.

Yes, that’s right. I was away for 10 days and took 3,661 photos.

That is an average of 366 photos per day!

I also walked 87,238 steps (according to my Samsung S7 Health app), which equates to about 70km over the 10 days. That’s a freaking lot for me!! To put it into perspective, the preceding 10 days before my trip, I did just over 37,000 steps!

Anyhoo.. Melbourne – so until I get myself sorted here are the basics:

Time in Melbourne: 10 days – 23rd February – 4th March.

Who went: I arrived on the 23rd February and then my sister and great-niece arrived separately on the 24th February from New Zealand and the Gold Coast respectively.

Accommodation: The first night I stayed at the Vibe Savoy Hotel, directly opposite Southern Cross Station. Once the others arrived, we moved to a 2 bedroom apartment in a building called the Light House on Elizabeth Street located a block from Queen Victoria Market.

Transport: Mainly stuck to trams but did take a train one day out to Prahan. Trams in the CBD of Melbourne are free to travel on so it was easy enough to just jump on one to go where you needed to go. They did get full at times though.

What we got up to: We did a few things together like see a play at La Mama Theatre (The Confessions of Jeremy Perfect, which was very cool!); go to a Kings of Comedy show at La Di Da (so freaking funny!); went out for dinner a couple of times and wandered the streets. We also all spent time out & about individually so it was a good mix of togetherness & solo travel.

Street Art heaven: And of course I went street art hunting. I went to Hosier Lane as per normal (Melbourne’s most famous street art hub) but also found some alleyways around Queen Victoria Market plus a couple not far from Hosier Lane. I even went to Artist Lane in Prahan one day – though to be honest, it wasn’t my favourite place.

Photos: So yeah, I took a lot of photos. Many of them are crap but I have narrowed it down from 3,661 to about 1,800 (or 1,180 I can’t remember) so now comes the daunting task of culling those even further and editing the rest. But here are a couple from my Instagram page to tide you over until I’ve had a chance to go through them all (apologies if you have already seen them).

I will do a photo essay (or two because of the amount of photos!) in the next week or so once I have sorted myself out, but I hope you liked this brief updated of my latest trip.

Have you been to Melbourne?

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13 thoughts on “Melbourne.. Kind Of

  1. The Coop Tower shot is something else, Sarah! I must have missed it on Instagram because I check randomly. I am glad you took those insane number of photos because it is then that you get such insanely good looking shots to sift through. xx

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