#travellinkup – Once In A Lifetime Experiences

I don’t normally partake in #travellinkup posts but thought I would give it ago this week.. I mean, when in doubt of what to write, use prompt posts to write something…

So what is a ‘Once In A Lifetime Experience’?

Once In A Lifetime
(of a chance or experience) unlikely to occur more than once in a person’s life.

What could that possibly mean to me?

Well I guess it was a Once In A Lifetime Experience when fell over in front of my favourite band (well I bloody hope it was anyway!) but for me I think that Once In A Lifetime Experiences is all about firsts..

Like the first time I saw the Empire State Building with my own eyes – I was flying over NYC and could see Manhattan below me. I could clearly see Central Park and make out where the Statue of Liberty was. But the thing that got me most excited was looking down and seeing the Empire State Building quite clearly.

Top of the Rock
Not the first view I had but definitely one of the best!

The first time I saw the Christchurch Cathedral after the February 2011 earthquake will stick in my mind. Some things that you think are going to be around forever are suddenly taken away and you don’t quite know how to process it all.

121111 (17)
I took this photo in November 2011, sadly the Cathedral is still in the same state!

The first time I saw my favourite singer in concert. It was way back in 1999 and it was my first proper concert. I didn’t even really know much about this guy but since he was coming to Christchurch I thought I would go. It was an a venue for about 10,000 people and I was about 2 metres from the stage. The guy came out, sang his songs and had a break. After the break he came out in a Canterbury rugby shirt and if there is one thing you should know about Cantabrians is that we LOVE our rugby. The crowd went wild and that was the day I fell in love with Robbie Williams.

This is from Robbie’s Brisbane concert in 2014. Very different from that first experience I had

And of course the first time I knew I loved London – my sister & I had just arrived after about a 25 hour trip from Brisbane via Dubai. We were met at Heathrow by one of nieces and were heading to Green Park on the Piccadilly Line to change to the Jubilee Line to get to Baker Street so we could change to the Metropolitan Line to get to our final destination of Preston Road near Wembley (how’s that for a first timers trip on the Tube!!). But what I remember the most about the first Tube trip is knowing that I was going to love London even though I had not see any of it at that point. It was just a feeling that I had and a feeling that I still get every time I land at Heathrow and jump on the Piccadilly Line into the city.

Houses of Parliament
London definitely stole my heart

Do you have any Once In A Lifetime Experiences?

Do you want to take part in the #travellinkup? Well check out the info below to take part 🙂

The February topic is rather special – once in a lifetime experiences. The one/s that still makes your heart skip a beat, the time your eyes gleam remembering or maybe the one that makes your knees knock when you think about it…

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Once in a lifetime

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about know the moment you fell in love with London – for me it was on Heathrow tarmac! Thanks for hanging out with us on the travel linkup 🙂

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