The Month That Was… January

Ok so lets try a new thing this year.. monthly reviews. I know, exciting stuff right! And because it’s now the 1st of February, it seems right that I would review the month that was … January (I think I’m getting the hang of it!).

What can I say about January?

Well it was damn hot that is for sure!! And I mean really hot!!

Here in Aussie it is summertime and in Queensland where I live, it gets really hot in summer. Though to be fair, most places around Australia have been feeling the heat this year. Even my home town in New Zealand has had a few days over 30 degrees Celsius! (and people say there is no global warming and the climate is fine!!)

Anyways, there were 4 weekends in January and I don’t think I left the house on any of them. Not that it mattered because I was still sweltering under my fan anyway.

What else happened in January?

Well it was the start of a new year. I know, I am really pulling out the facts aren’t I!

Alright then, time to shake things up.

I work out of the city centre on a university campus in Brisbane and after work some nights I jump on the bus and head into town – usually to go to the supermarket and then to get the bus home but every now and then I will go for a little walk and take photos. I have been known to go into town for about an hour and come away with over 100 photos.. no, I don’t know why either!

Do you want to see some of these photos? Actually you don’t really have a choice because I am going to show you anyway… oh and all these photos were taken on my phone and edited in Lightroom (just in case you were wondering)

Taken on Thursday 4th January

I am a sucker for brick walls and rustic features

I really, really love this photo. I just love the different textures here

This one was all about perfect timing 

The Eternal Flame at ANZAC Square – commemorates those in Australia & New Zealand who fought for our freedom

Just a typical street in Brisbane’s CBD

Taken on Monday 15th January

Looking down into the King George Square bus station

Probably the most recognisable Brisbane building – City Hall

London has lions in Trafalgar Square, we have them in King George Square

People watching at King George Square

City Hall is one of my favourite buildings to take photos of. Gorgeous from all angles

Taken on Monday 22nd January

Another favourite building – Parliament House

The Mansions on George Street – so pretty!

Random photo because I had never noticed the colour of the walls before & of course that perfect timing again!

I saw this bright yellow scooter, how could I not take a photo?!?

King George Square is great to sit & people watch – unfortunately most of the seated areas are out in the sun and the square is fully concrete

I have taken heaps others but haven’t edited them although I have uploaded a couple to my Instagram as I’ve taken them. I really do love taking photos & try to find different place in the city to snap shots of.

The End of the Month

Well the fact that we are now in February means that the month that never seemed to end has now finished and I am in the month where I am doing my first trip of the year – something I am very excited about!

I have this thing where I don’t really like to say Happy New Year.. actually I have lots of ‘things’ because I’m not really a Christmas person or a New Year’s person or basically a festive person at all, so I tend not to do the whole “HAPPY NEW YEAR” thing. To me, it’s just the same as last year except that there is an ‘8’ at the end of the ‘201’ instead of a ‘7’ – I’m pretty deep you know!

I do think though, if I am going to continue with these review thingys, that I am going to have to get myself some kind of a life. Pretty sure you guys don’t want to read about the fact that I binged watch The Vampire Diaries all weekend (I didn’t FYI but it has happened!). Though, I have been waiting for the weather to be a bit cooler and thankfully it would seem that this weekend it is meant to be in the mid 20’s instead of the mid 30’s.. so I guess watch this space.

What did you think?

So my first monthly review is done.. how did I do? Admittedly I would have liked to have it a bit more exciting for you but unfortunately I didn’t do anything exciting so it’s hard to fluff nothing into something.

I will certainly try better for February!

How about you? Did you get up to anything in January?


4 thoughts on “The Month That Was… January

  1. I was only thinking today what the heck I was going to write in my monthly reviews once I am home again in a few months – and I really like this! A nice job. Can’t wait to read where you go in February.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Funnily enough I wrote this one in about half an hour haha. And I am already looking forward to February’s review, even if the most exciting thing I’m doing will be at the end of the month haha


    1. Yeah it’s been a really hot summer so far. Luckily it’s a bit cooler over the next few days, which is nice. I am glad I did have at least something to contribute to a monthly review, even if it was a few photos from my commute home haha


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