London Wish List – UPDATED

When I wrote this post back in June about my London Wish List I honestly wasn’t sure if I was actually going to accomplish much of it, but once I got home from my trip in November and was going through my photos (it always happens that way), I realise I got around the city more than actually thought I would.

So let’s start from the beginning of my London Wish List:

Neal’s Yard

Neal's Yard

So I hadn’t actually intended on going here on this visit but I took the bus a lot more this trip and I discovered that one of the buses I took had a stop about a 5 minute walk from Neal’s Yard so on my last day I went here. I wasn’t overly happy with this photo, however. All because of that shadow! But at least I can still say I’ve been right?

God’s Own Junkyard

I kind of knew that I wouldn’t make it here on this visit. It is in a very out-of-the-way place and only open from Friday to Sunday, so I was very limited… next time though.



I loved, loved, loved, loved Camden!!! I mean it was alright, I guess 😀

I am going to have a post about it at one stage because, and don’t tell Greenwich this, Camden may just be my new favourite part of London!!! It has so much going for it from the quirky store fronts to the amazing street art. From the gorgeous architecture to the famous Camden Markets – I think I only scratched the surface of this fantastic part of London, even though I did actually end up visiting the area twice! (yep, that’s how much I loved it!!)

Notting Hill

I went past it on the bus one night, does that count? No, I didn’t think so.

I had full intentions of going to Notting Hill but unfortunately my knees weren’t quite up to the task of what I had planned in Notting Hill. But this area is still firmly on my list if the views from the bus were anything to go by!



After the disappointment I had in myself from not going to Greenwich in February 2017, I definitely knew I had to make myself go in November. And I did on my first epic day in London – I walked over 14,000 steps that day and visited another very cool part of London along the way. But I digress.

Greenwich is (still) my favourite for loads of reasons – mainly because it doesn’t feel like you’re in London when you’re walking around the streets. It feels like you are wandering around Oxford or similar. Super cute right!!

Natural History Museum

Another place I still haven’t been to but is still on my list. I don’t even really have an excuse except to say I didn’t go.. very lame I know!

St Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul's Cathedral

I did it! AND I did it on my birthday!! How awesome is this photo! I know it looks like every other photo of the same scene but this is mine and I was sooooooo happy that I actually got it – mainly because I was as sick as a dog on that day!

I had woken up with a massive sore throat that progressed very quickly into a full-blown cold that I actually ended up having for about 6 weeks, so the fact that I actually went out and got the photo is quite the achievement. And don’t let the beautiful blue skies fool you – it was freaking freezing!!

Leadenhall Markets

Yes, another place I didn’t go but I will do it on my next visit… I promise

Baker Street Station


Whilst technically I didn’t actually go back to Baker Street Station, I did snap this shot as I went past on the Tube. Not to shabby for a sneaky pic 😀

So yeah, I didn’t get to everything on my list but I think I did a pretty good job. Plus it just means more reasons to go back to London (as if I needed any haha).

Don’t you just love ticking places off your list of ‘must sees’? 
Do you add things to a list after you’ve been to a place in the hope that you will visit again? 
Do you return to a place time & time again because you love it that much?

I will get around to writing some posts about my trip – like Camden, which I loved and have loads of photos to share; and my epic first day where I went from Camden all the way to Greenwich with a few places in-between.

Copy of London

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    1. My friend was just in London & stayed in Hampsteas. She raved about it. Its one of her favourite places. I am glad I did what I did this time & will definitely get to Notting Hill eventually haha

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