And Now For A Bit Of Fun…

So I saw this over on my friend Angela’s blog, Life of Angela, and thought it was a fun way to pass some time…

Would You Rather is basically where you are given two seemingly hard questions and you have to choose between them.  So here it goes…


Pick the year you die or Pick the way you die:

I don’t want to know that the year I die is getting closer and closer. I’d rather go in a painless, in my sleep kind of way.

Have a sport stadium named after you or Have a university named after you:

Hmm… have a sport stadium named after me – I think you would be more well-known. I work for a university and the name really means nothing.

Have free Apple products forever or Have free wi-fi wherever you go:

Free wi-fi of course – if anyone knows me, they know I have this thing about Apple products so even having them free life means I would still choose the other option!

Fulfil your biggest wish or Resolve your biggest regret:

I would fulfil my biggest wish by resolving my biggest regret and go back to my 20’s and live in London but also spend more time with my parents (this is where light speed would come in handy!)

Have your own private island or Have your own private jet:

Well if the private jet comes with a lifetime supply of fuel and my own personal pilot too then yeah of course the jet!

Be able to read minds or Be able to travel at light speed

Going back two questions ago, being able to travel at the speed of light would be awesome – without the side effects obviously. I think reading minds would be too scary – I don’t really want to know what people are actually thinking!

Have $1 million in Amazon gift cards or Have $100,000 in real money:

Have $100,000 in real money – yeah Amazon gift cards would be good but I already have a lot of crap. Although, I do need a new fridge, bed, tv, microwave etc, etc, etc

Be best friends forever with your favourite celebrity or Date your celebrity crush for only 2 years:

Best friends – if the person is also your crush then you never know… being friends might lead to something more 😉

Have free gas for 25 years or Have your dream car

This is hard one because to have free gas you need a car, which I don’t have. I guess I would go for the dream car then.. which would be a reliable cost-effective one – don’t have a specific brand in mind.

Be a ninja or Be a pirate:

Ninja obviously!

Continue on with your life or Restart your life:

Continue on with it – who’s to say I wouldn’t make the same mistakes!

Live the life of fame & wealth or Live in Harry Potter’s world

Live in Harry Potter’s world… I think a life of fame & wealth would be exciting for a small period of time but Harry Potter’s world would always be exciting

Have the ability to read minds or Have the ability to see the future:

I think since I already have said I wouldn’t want to read minds I guess I have to choose the ability to see the future – though I don’t particularly want that either!

Well that was fun 🙂
What would you rather?


2 thoughts on “And Now For A Bit Of Fun…

  1. I agree with most of your answers (with different reasons). As for a cost efficient car (which is also my dream car at the moment), get a Tesla. They’re soooo pretty. And I would be a pirate. 🙂

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