I Am Only Disappointing Myself

I say this as I am sitting at Wellington Airport a full 2 hours before my domestic flight**

I think I tend to take on too much. More than I can handle.

Seemed like a reasonable thing to do. Fly to Wellington for the day. A lot of people would have a full day planned. Walking the streets was probably high on the list.

Walking full stop, was probably high on anyone’s list.

Except ‘anyone‘ is not me.

I start out with the best intentions but then my knees decide they don’t want to cooperate. I’ve mentioned before that I have arthritis in my knees and it means walking gets very painful. I also have a heel thing – I don’t even know what it is, I need to go to a podiatrist but it causes me a lot of pain after walking for a while.

But I tried.. I really did.

I really did think that I’d be fine with what I wanted to do. And I guess, looking back, I did do everything I really wanted to do in Wellington. But then I think of my friend who went to Melbourne for a day and walked over 18,000 steps (though apparently according to my iPod I did walk over 7,000 today) and wish I could just get out and walk like no tomorrow.

It’s not that I don’t like walking, coz I actually do.  But physically my body screams if I walk more than 10 minutes at any one time. Luckily Wellington had loads of places to sit and ‘recharge’. But it is still a daily struggle.

So now here I am, sitting in an airport when I should be out checking out this cool little capital. And really the only person I have disappointed, is myself.**

** It is now the next morning and I am sitting at my mum’s dining room table back in Christchurch. I still feel the same as I did last night, if I’m really being honest.

14 thoughts on “I Am Only Disappointing Myself

    1. I try to rest as much as I can while I’m out but it does get to a point where I just can’t go any further.. then I suffer for it then next day – luckily I have nothing on today until later tonight so I am just chilling at mums, eating marshmallows 😀

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      1. Not for arthritis unfortunately. Just load up on pain killers before I go out. I am not sure about the heel thing – tho my mum did say this morning that my brother also has a sore heel too so maybe it’s just a family thing

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      2. Thanks for that info. I haven’t really read too much, only that it can’t be healed but pain management is a different issue. I hate taking pills for things to be honest so generally avoid them as much as possible haha

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      3. No it is a good thing to avoid pills as much as you can. I too follow the same policy. Ayurveda is about healing with the use of nature’s bounty. It takes time but it is supposed to yield results. Now I cannot vouch for it because so far I have only undergone ayurvedic massages which were excellent but they were not supposed to be medicative/pain relieving anyway.

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    1. Thanks 🙂 I just feel bad after I go somewhere because I have all these grand plans & then don’t go through with them. I need to not plan anything and then everything I do will then be a bonus haha

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  1. Nothing is worth hurting yourself over. As for the heel thing, it may be plantar fasciitis. My mom had it. She would freeze a bottle of water and roll it back and forth with her foot to ease the pain. You may want to try that.

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