Daily Prompt: Carousel

Today’s Daily Prompt of Carousel is quite apt since we have Ekka starting in Brisbane this week.

The Royal Queensland Show, affectionately known as ‘Ekka’ by locals, is on for 10 days each August at the Brisbane Showgrounds. Among the attractions are baby animals; displays such as wood chopping and cattle showing; and the famous Ekka strawberry ice cream (which the lines for are quite frankly ridiculous!). The Ekka is also home to Sideshow Alley, which is full of fun rides, fast food and show bags but the thing that always gets my attention is the Carousel.

I have mentioned about my friend who passed away recently, well she use to frequent Ekka regularly with her family. So much so that she use to take August off so she could go to Ekka as much as possible. Her & her family also had lifetime memberships, which meant they got in for free each year. Luckily she was also able to get friends in for free (it’s usually about $27.00 online). So last year I decided that I was going to go and take some photos of Sideshow Alley and I got heaps of photos of the carousel as a result.

So not only as part of the Daily Prompt but also in honour of my friend, here are some photos of said carousel:

Carousel Love Carousel Love
Carousel Love Carousel LoveCarousel Love
Carousel Love Carousel Love
Carousel Love


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