WPC – Textures

As always, I had to put my thinking cap on for this weeks theme of ‘Textures’.

When I take photos, I just tend to take them – if that makes sense at all (it does to me haha). But then I checked out a few of the other posts – which you can see here, and I had a lightbulb moment. So here are a couple photos that show my interpretation of texture..

The Sylvia Hotel in Vancouver covered in ivy

I loved walking around Bruges and checking out the beautiful brick buildings

Gorgeous flowers at Butchart Gardens in Victoria, Canada

I completely fell in love with this wall at River Kitchen in Brisbane

I mean.. dandelions!! I came across this gorgeous one in Canterbury, England

Cutty Sark
The many ropes of the Cutty Sark at Greenwich

View of the South Island
And of course the many textures of the South Island of New Zealand

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