On This Day 36 Years Ago, I Fell In Love..

I was 9 years old and I was watching the wedding of Prince Charles & Lady Diana.

No, I didn’t fall in love with Prince Charles, although I probably developed a bit of an obsession with Lady Diana that still lasts to this day.

I fell in love with a building. Not just any building… THE building.

St Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul's Cathedral

I remember watching the wedding and as gorgeous as it all was, I mostly remember falling completely and madly in love with St Paul’s and I just knew that one day I had to see this incredible building for myself. Even at the tender age of 9, I could feel the pull of this structure.

Nearly 30 years later I did and instead of getting it out of my system, my love of St Paul’s has grown in leaps and bounds. Every time I am in London, I have to see the building – which to be honest, is not that hard.┬áDespite the constant construct that goes on in London every day, St Paul’s still sits as a beacon to those like myself.

Did you know that there are various buildings in London, including St Paul’s Cathedral that have protected views controls. This means that when building in London, there are certain places you can’t go too high if it obstructs views of the Cathedral. This is a great way to protect the history and importance of St Paul’s.

St Paul's Cathedral

I know that when I go back to London, I will be going back to St Paul’s. For me, it would be like me going to New Zealand and not seeing my mum. That might seem weird to say about sometimes even a building can mean more to you than you realise.

I don’t know how many photos I took of St Paul’s on my first trip to London, well I do and it was a lot. Though, try as I might, it’s quite hard to get a photo of the whole building because it really is huge, which is not really a bad thing because I think you would miss out on some of the more intricate details.

St Paul's Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral is definitely a landmark building in London and one of the city’s most iconic places to visit. I am looking forward to heading back to London and trying to get some different shots of St Paul’s.

St Paul's Cathedral
St Paul's Cathedral St Paul's Cathedral
St Paul's Cathedral St Paul's Cathedral
St Paul's Cathedral St Paul's Cathedral
St Paul's Cathedral St Paul's Cathedral
St Paul's Cathedral St Paul's Cathedral

St Pauls

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