WPC – Wanderlust.. England Calling

I think I’ve seen England more than my own home country.. but it’s where my Wanderlust really comes to life…

My regular readers know how this goes.. I went to London & fell in love with the city. I’ve now been back 4 times and each time I go back, I see more of England as a result.

I can’t possibly show you just one photo now can I? So here are some of the favourite places I’ve visited in the country:

Oxford, UK
Oxford – other than London, Oxford was my first real taste of England. I loved walking around the buildings that really had seen so much history

Lulworth Castle
Lulworth Castle – Visiting Lulworth Castle happened on one of my favourite travel days ever. I loved this castle! Even though the interior had been destroyed by fire in the 1920’s, it still retained its amazingly symmetric shell.

Clyst St George
Clyst St George – an unknown town to most people but it was the first places I visited a town where some of my ancestors had come from (apart from London) and it still holds a special place in my heart.

Corfe Castle
Corfe Castle – this was the other part of my favourite travel day. Corfe Castle was one of the first real ruins I visited where I could really picture past generations wandering around.

Castle Combe – my first real experience with the Cotswolds and I loved it! Despite the less that perfect day with the rain, it was still really lovely walking down the road looking at these amazingly gorgeous homes.

Painswick, England
Painswick – probably my favourite Cotswolds village that I have visited so far. I just simply loved this wee town.

Lyme Park, England
Lyme Park – although my Mr Darcy didn’t appear, it was still a pleasure to wander the grounds of this beautiful stately home that was the setting for Pemberley in the BBC’s Pride & Prejudice. I mean picture perfect isn’t it!!

North Yorkshire Moors Railway
Grosmont – I am so glad I didn’t listen to the man in Pickering who told me not to bother going to Grosmont the day I got the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, because I LOVED this gorgeous wee town. It was super cute and I wanted to stay longer than the one hour I had allocated.

Pateley Bridge, England
Pateley Bridge – I think that Pateley Bridge has to be my favourite place in England (apart from London of course). This small Yorkshire village stole my heart from the moment I drove through the town & saw the bunting. It is as quintessentially British as a town can get.

And then there’s London

Greenwich – there is nothing I do not like about Greenwich. From the first moment I saw the Royal Naval College I felt like I had come home. It is my favourite place in London.

St Paul’s Cathedral – I had wanted to see this church since I was nine years old when I saw Charles & Diana getting married in the beautiful Wren designed building. I can’t even describe how much I admire this stunning piece of architecture. 

Houses of Parliament
Iconic Views of London – London is full of iconic buildings but it also has a lot of hidden gems. You just have to wander around the streets to see what this amazing city has to offer.

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24 responses to “WPC – Wanderlust.. England Calling”

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  2. oh England:) what else? 😉

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    1. Haha.. the hardest part was choosing which photos to use 😀

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  3. Gorgeous pictures. If I, for one moment, thought that Mr. Darcy might appear on Pemberley’s luscious lawn, I would fly across continents to camp out on the grounds. Thank you for visiting my blog and greetings from sunny South Africa.

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    1. I was really hoping for Mr Darcy to appear. I camped out by the lake for a while just in case 😀 One day I really want to make it to your part of the world!

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      1. You will love this country with its contrasting landscapes and weather patterns.

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  4. We especially loved the Cotswolds ourselves a few years ago. And we are going back this September.


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    1. It really is a gorgeous area. I’m glad I spent a few days there on my last trip. I’d only done day trips before so it was good to see more.


  5. Nice Post.i am going to tweet link on my site.

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  6. […] WPC – Wanderlust.. England Calling – Kiwiontheloose […]


    1. Thank you so much!

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  7. Your photos are beautiful and really evoke the old, often-rainy look of London and other small, English towns.

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    1. Thank you so much. I love photographing London.. in any weather haha

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  8. Loved the post, Sarah. I would like to read about your ancestors and where they came from in England. It would be interesting to write a post on them, right? What were the times like when they migrated and generally the imagination taken to places in the past…

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    1. It would definitely be an interesting post to write. Might just have to put something into motion 😊

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  9. I can’t disagree with your choices, Sarah 🙂

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    1. Haha thanks.. I still have so much to see in England but I’d gladly go back to any of these places in a heartbeat!


      1. Whereabouts are you at present, Sarah? 🙂

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        1. Currently in Brisbane, Australia working to save for my next trip 😀

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