The Pillars Project

I recently finally got to visit The Pillars Project street art walls in South Brisbane.

I’ve been wanting to come to this area for so long but because it’s not an area of Brisbane that I frequent and because I don’t have a car, it’s not that easy to get to. But on my recent staycation at Evolution Apartments, located next to the Kurilpa Bridge and opposite the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA), I decided to go for a walk to the pillars.

The Pillars Project was initially started due to the G20 leaders coming to Brisbane back in November 2014. Brisbane came up with a lot of initiatives in order to make it seem a bit more exciting to visitors coming to Brisbane thanks to the G20.

Thanks to a bit of empty wall space due to the Merivale Street rail overbridge, Queensland Rail and The Pillars Project has taken some of the pillars and had local artists paint some amazing murals on them. And they are pretty cool!

The Pillar Project The Pillar Project
Mural by Fintan Magee

The Pillar ProjectMural by Mik Shida

The Pillar ProjectMural by Gus Eagleton

The Pillar Project
Mural by Gimiks Born

The Pillar ProjectMural by Simon Degroot

The Pillar Project
Mural by Guido Van Helten

The Pillar ProjectSadly I couldn’t find that artist for this mural

The Pillar ProjectMural by Drapl

The Pillars Project (1)


10 thoughts on “The Pillars Project

      1. I know. Every culture has something unique. Lack of street art has been compensated by very rich and diverse art! I’m not sure if you dig art…..

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      2. well, the local art we have here doesn’t belong to any of these times…It’s ancient and has been passed on from generation to generation. It still involves hands, primarily! nothing modern about it. 🙂

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