Photo Of The Day – A London Scene

Sometimes, just sometimes you take a photo but don’t really realise how much you love it at the time.. this is one such photo…

I took this photo on my first day in London on my latest trip. I was cold and tired having arrived at 6.30 that morning. I was completely ready to check into my hotel but was filling in time because I was too early for check in.

I had been walking down South Bank and just passed the mural of Shakespeare right near The Globe, that I wanted to see before heading to check out Southwark Cathedral.

As I was walking down the tiny Clink Street and turned to my right, looking down Stoney Street and came across this scene. I wasn’t actually looking at the people, I just saw the architecture.

It was weeks later when I was back in Australia, I was sitting in my room editing my photos from the trip when I came across this one. I loved it on sight. I loved the grittiness & industrial feel of the photo. I love that the guy in the middle with the tan jacket, almost looks like he’s leading these people behind him.

It might not be the best photo ever but it is definitely up there as one of the best photos of this trip. And one of my favourite all time photos (which says a lot!)



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