I Am NOT Australian

I might live in Australian. But I am not Australian


Ok so this rant has come about because today I received 3 separate comments by 3 separate people on 3 separate social media forums about what I am doing on Australia Day. I apologise to those people who have instigated this rant, you weren’t to know just how strongly I feel about this.

Today is Australia Day. I live in Australia, therefore it is assumed that I would celebrate Australia Day.

Well I don’t.

The reason for this is quite simple:


I am not an Australian citizen. I am unable to vote in this country. I am unable to get any financial benefits from the relevant government department.

I am not Australian

I still have my New Zealand passport. I still identify more as a Kiwi despite living in Australia for the past fourteen years. But I am still classed as a ‘foreigner’. (Technically I don’t exist thanks to the balls up by the Australian Bureau of Statistics with last years census)

I am not Australian

I have friends who are Aussies. One of my nephew is an Aussie. One of my sister-in-law is an Aussie.  One of my brother’s has an Aussie passport.But that does not mean that I am an Aussie.

I am not Australian

I live in Australia but living somewhere does not make you a citizen of that country.  I am still a citizen of New Zealand.

I am not Australian

I do not hate those Kiwis who have become Australian citizens for whatever reason. I do not hate those Kiwis who do celebrate Australia Day but are not citizens of this country. That is their personal decision just like not celebrating Australia Day is my personal decision.

I am not Australian

I am currently thinking about getting my Australian citizenship for the one and only reason that if I did choose to retire here, I would actually get the Aged Pension – which I am not currently eligible for.

I am not Australian

So please do not comment as say “but you live in the country so you should be celebrating it”.

If I wanted to be celebrating Australia Day today, then I would be but I am not so please do not assume that just because you would celebrate it or your Kiwi friends are celebrating does not mean that I want to be celebrating Australia Day.

But to be honest, even if I did get my Australian citizenship I can tell you here & now that I will never identify as an Australian because that is just who I am. That might seem a bit harsh. It might seem a bit silly but really I don’t care.

While Australia has been my home for the past fourteen years and it has been pretty good to me, I am still a Kiwi through and through. No official paperwork is going to change that because…

I AM A NEW ZEALANDER and damn proud of it!



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