Are Bucket Lists Worth It?

I never really thought I had a bucket list, it was always more of a case of seeing something and thinking “Oh I’d like to do that” or “I’d like to go there”.

But more I travel, the more I realise that crossing stuff off a list is actually a good idea.

Bucket Lists are really just an extreme version of a ‘to do list’. You write stuff down (or pin it to your Bucket List Pinterest board) and think that you will get around to it one day. Sure some of the things seem a little far-fetched like arriving at the airport with no ticket or plan & jumping on the first flight.. I mean who does that!?!?!

My planner’s brain is having a conniption just thinking about it BUT it is on my bucket list.


Some other things on my Pinterest bucket list include:

  • stop biting my nails (still working on that)
  • go to the moon (it could happen!)
  • snorkel (might be a bit hard since I’m not a fan of water)
  • meet Robbie Williams (I’ve met pretty much everyone else but Robert Peter Williams still alludes me)
  • sing karaoke (not sure if the world is ready for my singing)
  • drive a red convertible in Hawaii on my 40th birthday (this is never gonna happen since my 40th is long gone.. I could change that to my 50th though! 🤔 )

Then there is my ‘Travel’ Bucket List, which I actually am crossing things off. Of course I am adding to it all the time too, but that’s kind of the fun of it.

Here are just some of thing that I have actually crossed off my travel bucket list:

Thanksgiving in NYC - 2012
Thanksgiving in America – ok so it might not have turned out like I had original envisioned (I didn’t even get any pumpkin pie!) BUT I can officially say that I was in America for Thanksgiving AND I even saw some of the Thanksgiving Parade
Christchurch, UK
Visit Christchurch in the UK. Ever since I found out there was a Christchurch in the UK I’ve wanted to go there. Back in 2010 I did just that.
Thanks to the very violent movie In Bruges with Colin Farrell, I wanted to visit Bruges. I can now cross that off my list
Edinburgh Tattoo
I’ve said it before and I will say it again (over and over and over again!) but I LOVE BAGPIPES!!! Going to the Edinburgh Tattoo was a childhood dream and then in 2015 I found myself there.. actually there!
Houses of Parliament
London is the source of so much on my bucket list and seeing the city from above was another thing I crossed off in 2015
Aoraki/Mount Cook
Drive around NZ – This is one is a work in progress. I am getting there slowly, very, very slowly.. some things you just can’t rush

So do I think Bucket List’s are worth it?

Yes I do.

Some of the places I have been to, I probably wouldn’t have gone if they hadn’t been on a list of some short. I get inspired by other travellers and the photos they post or the places they blog about. If something really catches my eye, then I will add it to my list.

Sure it might take me awhile to get through it and there are some things I might never do but not having a goal to aim for means you are forever stuck in one place.

And that just isn’t for me.

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5 thoughts on “Are Bucket Lists Worth It?

  1. I too, am a fan of the new look. I’ve never really took the time to write out my bucket list; only really said or thought of what should be on mine. Maybe I should change that…

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