Travel Theme – Leaves

Another week & another travel theme.. this one is about leaves (check out Ailsa’s post here)

When I think of leaves, I think of ferns.

Being a Kiwi, the Silver Fern is kind of sacred – it is our national sporting emblem, proudly emblazoned on the chest of our sports men & women. It was also one of the major designs submitted when there was a competition to change the New Zealand flag. Our national airline has a baby fern (Koru) as it’s symbol and for me personally, it identifies part of who I am – I even have a tattoo of it.

Walk around the bush in NZ and you will come across ferns – lots of ferns.

West Coast
Nature is very interesting
Charming Creek Walkway
The Charming Creek walkway on the West Coast
Charming Creek Walkway
West Coast scene
Charming Creek Walkway
Taking a back seat to some old railway carts
A sea of ferns on the West Coast
West Coast
Baby fern surrounded by some of the older kids
Charming Creek Walkway
One of my favourite photos, and a complete fluke.. a gorgeous baby fern – or ‘koru’ in Maori, which symbolising new life, growth, strength and peace and can be found in a lot of Maori carvings

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