Day 28: Post Five Things That Make You Laugh Out Loud

I laugh a lot but it takes a lot for me to laugh.. deep I know… I’m not going to share 5 things though – just some things that make me ‘LOL’.

I like good comedy and great comedians.

I hate fart or poo jokes or offensive jokes.

I like British comedy better than American comedy because I think Americans try too hard to be funny where as for the British it seems to come a lot easier.

My family makes me laugh out loud – mostly coz they’re weirdos.

I’m going to share with you a couple of clips that really made me laugh out loud recently.

Today’s theme comes at a good time because I just watched one of my favourite shows the other day and saw this clip. The part with Rob Beckett playing Speak Out had me literally crying. One of the funniest things I’ve seen all year.

I also saw this clip the other day too and it made me laugh out loud at work. Of course when you LOL at work, everyone wants to know why so I shared it with the team and we all had bit of a giggle at the panda, Da Mao’s expense..




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