Day 26: Write About An Area Of Your Life You’d Like To Improve

Well where do I begin…

We might need a bigger blog for this one!

One of the areas in my life that I would like to improve on the most is all things domestic.


I hate cleaning – hate it! I also hate cooking, washing dishes, grocery shopping.. pretty much anything remotely domestic related.

I do put it down to being just pure lazy – I think of all the other things I could be doing instead of mopping the floor so I do them all instead.


2017, however, will be different (she says that now!). I have decided that 2017 will be the Year of the Spare Room.. it will be the year that I finally go through the crap I have in the spare room and get rid of 99.9% of it. I am dreading what I will find in the boxes that I’ve only opened about 2 times in the whole 13 years I’ve lived in this place but then again, I could find something amazing!


I am hoping to move out of my place next year. My lease runs out in November and for various reasons I’m looking at moving closer to work. What that means is that I will be moving to a smaller place (no spare room) so I really need to cull, cull, cull before that can even happen.

I feel like at 44 years old I should be more of an adult and being an adult means doing the hard jobs like cooking dinner every night and doing my dishes. It means having a place I would be happy to have people just drop in for a visit (my place is soooooooooo not like that now!!).


So .. get back to me this time next year to see if I have fulfilled my “I wanna say New Years Resolution but I hate making New Years Resolutions so I won’t call it that” resolution.

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