Day 23: Write A Letter To Someone, Anyone

My letter is to a certain Mr William Shakespeare…


Did you ever wonder if 400 years after your death people would still be performing your plays?

Did you ever think that generations of people would enjoy the words you wrote?

Did you know how much of an impact you would have on the English language?

Did you even contemplate that people would be quoting the lines of your play in every day life?

Did you ever think that people would flock to the place of your birth just to feel closer to you?

How could you even have dreamed this would happen, Shakespeare? I mean you couldn’t see into the future, as brilliant as you were. So of course you wouldn’t have known that in 2016 we would be celebrating your numerous achievements.

If you could come back now, I wonder what you would make of the world today. How far we’ve come, yet how far we will have to go.

Would you be disappointed in our shortcomings or would you celebrate the fact that we can now fly to the other side of the world. Would you be surprised by the wars that are raging? And what would you make of Donald Trump? (I wonder what insult you would have come up with for him!)

But Shakespeare, I would like to thank you for giving the world plays that we can enjoy over and over again. I would like to thank you for ‘Et tu Brute’; for the glorious love story of Beatrice & Benedick; the the copious amounts of brilliant insults like ““Thou art a flesh-monger, a fool and a coward.” and of course the often maligned Hamlet.

So thanks Shakespeare. Thanks for being a inspiration to countless of generations and countless more to come.

Yours faithfully

A fan of your words

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