Day 20: Post About Three Celebrity Crushes

What?! Just three?!?!?!

I could have added soooooo many more into this list like Orlando Bloom (I was sick on the weekend & ended up watching the Hobbit & Lord of the Rings movies & I really do love Orlando as Legolas); Robbie Williams (he is a cheeky monkey); Christian Kane (still can’t believe that I got to hear him sing live!) or Scottish comedian Danny Bhoy (I mean.. he’s freaking Scottish!! Oh and he makes me laugh.. but did I mention he’s Scottish?!?) .. oh and I have happened to meet all of those guys except for Robbie.. he still alludes me but I will meet him, oh yes I will meet him!

So the three celebrity crushes that I have chosen might not be that well known to the general public but I still love them.

Basil Brush


Right, so this first one is completely out of left field, but I recently saw him on a TV show and it brought back all those memories.

Yes, it’s true.. I was in love with a fox puppet.

To be fair, I was just a kid but I think Basil was my first real celebrity crush.. oh and how I loved him. He was on a British kids TV show that we use to get in New Zealand. I don’t really remember much about my childhood but I do remember sitting and watching Basil Brush & laughing at all his jokes. I might have gotten my sarcastic skills from him 🙂

Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott

I first discovered Irish actor, Andrew Scott’s talents through watching him portray Moriarty in the BBC version of Sherlock (yes that same one that also stars Benedict Cumberbatch & the brilliant Martin Freeman). He was just evil & I loved him. I had the opportunity to go see him perform in London a couple years ago and meeting him afterwards was definitely a highlight I will not forget in a hurry.

If you get the chance, check him out in the movie The Stag – so.freaking.funny!!!

Richie McCaw


Not the best photo of the former All Black captain & myself but still, it was totally worth stalking following running after bumping into him in a Brisbane back alley a couple of years ago. He’s not only world famous in New Zealand but all over the rugby world – having led the All Blacks to back to back Rugby World Cup wins (first team to ever do it!).

Richie has also met my mum, my sister and one of my nieces (although, she served him in the bakery she worked in & didn’t even know who he was.. yes, she has since been disowned).. so he’s practically one of the family already!

So there you have it.. do you have any celebrity crushes? Are you game to share them here??

3 thoughts on “Day 20: Post About Three Celebrity Crushes

  1. Wow! You’ve met a lot of famous people! I haven’t met a single one, but that probably has more to do with the fact that I don’t leave the house unless it is absolutely necessary. 🙂

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