Day 15: Bullet-Point Your Whole Day

Luckily it’s the festive season, it means I can make my life sound way more exciting than it actually is…

So today is Thursday 15th December 2016. There is meant to be a max of 32 C & a 10% chance of rain (though looking at the cloudless sky I don’t think that will happen).

And here’s what the day was like for me…

  • I woke up .. always a good start to the day. Though, as usual I had woken up couple times during the night & struggled to get back to sleep.
  • Text my mum .. something I do every day, except for Sundays.
  • Had my shower & got ready for work .. oh the mundaneness of life.
  • Prepared my lunch .. salad sandwich for those of you playing at home.
  • Got my breakfast to take to work .. kiwi kids are weet-bix kids (apparently)
  • Cleaned up the pile weet-bix crumbs that escaped from a hole in the packaging .. oh my life is exciting!
  • Finished getting ready for work.
  • Walked down to the bus stopped where I took this photo ..

    Rubbish day in suburbia
  • Bus actually comes on time, which is kind of unusual. And it was semi full .. the bus is meant to be express but the driver stops at one of the wrong stops – which always frustrates me. On the upside, the cute guy sat next to me today.
  • Got to work .. trip is roughly around 10 minutes, it takes about 3 minutes to walk from my house to the bus stop and then another 7 minutes from the bus station at work to my office.
  • So for your information – I work at a university in Brisbane in Payroll.. very exciting job (I’m using the word ‘exciting’ a lot today, but probably not in the right context – actually it’s probably in the complete opposite context of what it actually means) .. anyway, I work in the 6 floor building where the university leases four floors and a private company has the 6th floor. The 5th floor is currently vacant. This year is the first time since we’ve been here (7 years) that we’ve had a Christmas Tree in the foyer.. it’s very pretty … see…

    Oooh pretty
  • It’s currently 11.08am and I am not having a good day. I need to get my tax stuff from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) but their bloody website is down for ‘maintenance’ and now I’ve just found out that the QLD transport people (Translink) are updating their new fare structure as of this coming Monday instead of the 1st January like they had been saying it would be done.. this means my free trips after 9 journeys will no longer be happening 😦
  • Lunchtime & I spent it liking and commenting on copious amounts of Instagram photos from a Facebook travel page that I belong to.. trying to increase the traffic on my Instagram.
  • Pretty busy day at work since we are preparing the last pay before Christmas. Most people are starting to wind down at this time of year, but not Payroll.. apparently people like to keep getting paid! What’s with that?!?!
  • Currently 5.22pm .. Hanging around work after hours because there’s somewhere I’m going tonight & I can’t be bothered going all the way home just to go into town again.
  • Finally left work at about 6.30pm & got the bus to the Roma Street Station, one of the main transport hubs in Brisbane. Walked over to the Roma Street Parklands next door for today’s adventure… going to see the Enchanted Gardens.
  • So the Enchanted Gardens are only on from 9th – 18th December from 6.30 – 9pm and are free. This means lots of people wanting to go at the same time as you.  Also it’s currently summer school holidays so it means kids aren’t going to bed as early as they otherwise might. By the time I got there, about 6.45pm, there was already a massive queue. Whilst it did seem to move fast, it was still about 30 minutes before I go into the garden area.

    Waiting in line – felt like forever
  • Wandered around the gardens taking a few photos (ok 127 photos!), try to avoid the kids & old people who just seem to wander any-old-where, and of course the people with the prams who don’t have any concept of other people. I did manage to randomly bump into a lady I work with and then, after about 30 minutes in all, got the hell out of there.. but not before accidentally changing the settings on my camera so it took smaller than normal photos!
  • I wandered back to the bus station. My bus, after a certain time, only comes every hour so instead of waiting in the dark outside the bus station, I got another bus to the hospital bus station which is better lit, to wait for my bus home.
  • Finally got home about 9pmish, got ready for bed and started to edit the photos from tonight’s adventure… see below..
  • And so ends the every exciting day of Sarah – A Kiwi On The Loose…

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