Day 14: Post Your Favourite Movies That You Never Tire Of Watching

I am a creature of habit – I generally get the same thing to eat from the likes of Subway, McDonalds etc. Movies are no exception – there are some movies that I can (and will) just watch over and over again.

The following are the movues that immediately came to mind when I thought about what movies I could qatch over & over… so in no particular order:

National Treasure 1 & 2


I LOVE these movies – yes I know probably not the most historically accurate storylines but they are great entertainment. I am a bit of a fan of Nicolas Cage and I think that he was brilliant in these movies. There was a great ensemble cast and they’re just darn entertaining. The first movie also inspired me to visit Philadelphia.

The Mummy & The Mummy Returns


Yeah, not the third one – which was pretty shite, but the first two with Rachel Weisz. Again obviously not very accurate but when you pretty much quote the first movie word for word – you know you’re addicted.. Plus Brendan Fraser is pretty hot in these movies!

The Bourne Movies


I watched my dvd of the first movie so much that I actually wore it out! I even loved the one with Jeremy Renner in it – yep THAT’S how much I LOVE these movies! (Tho that might have had more to do with Jeremy Renner to be honest). I can go back to these movies over and over again and still get excited by them.

Indiana Jones


Ok, I’m starting to see a theme in my movie choices.. another action that is a complete classic. Indiana Jones was the reason why I wanted to be an archaeologist when I was a kid and it’s definitely part of the reason that Petra is at the top of my bucket list. The last movie, I can take or leave but the first three are just brilliant – The Last Crusade is just beyond classic!

The Princess Bride


Yes still with the action – but a bloody classic movie and one that deserves to be on anyone’s list. Even after nearly 30 years it is still easy to sit through, it’s still entertaining, it’s still swashbuckling, it’s still funny and it is still just perfect.

What movies can you go back to over & over?

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