Day 13: What Are You Excited About?

Well until 11 days ago I wasn’t excited for Christmas, that’s for sure…


I’m excited about two things now though – actually 3, no wait.. 4 .. yeah there are definitely four things

1.I’M GOING HOME FOR CHRISTMAS!!!! I am like, beyond excited about this. I didn’t think I would be able to afford it thanks to the crazy mental Christmas flight prices. BUT I found a reasonable fare (meaning I didn’t have to take out a small loan or sell a kidney) that is flying from the Gold Coast airport to Christchurch. Ok so it means 2 & 1/2 hours of travel to get to said airport but it’s a price I’m willing to make. I get to spend 4 days at home with my mum & see some of my family, who will also be home for the holidays.

2.Finally having a break!! This year has been one long drawn out process. I have been counting down the workdays until I actually don’t have to be there for the rest of the year (9 days to go). I am just excited to finally see the end of 2016!


3.NYE. Now I am so not a New Years Eve kind of gal but this year an opportunity to have a hotel room overlooking the Brisbane River & Story Bridge presented itself.. it would have been rude not to take it up. So now I am officially hosting my first NYE party – well when I say ‘hosting’ it’s a bring your own food etc party, I’m just providing the venue. And when I say ‘party’, it’s more like a gathering of about 6 or 7 people.

4.ENGLAND!!! February sees me returning to England for the 4th time and I am SUPER excited about it. I am going to be seeing new things in London that I haven’t been to before, plus of course some old favourites. And then it will be a road trip up to York over the period of about 8 days. I am sure there will be loads to see along the way – though I am a bit concerned that I might have to drive in snow.. oh and the cost of petrol.

Looking forward to getting back to this city

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