Day 11: Something You Always Think. ‘What If…’ About

I try not to have regrets or think ‘what if’ but there is one thing that I do think about a lot…

What if I had my big OE back in my twenties? Would I feel the same way about travel now if I had gone overseas then?

It’s a right of passage for a lot of Kiwi’s to do the ‘Big OE’ – or Overseas Experience, known to Aussies & the Brits as a ‘Gap Year’. You know when you head overseas with hundreds of other ex-pats to work for minimum wage and live in a broom closet with 15 other Aussies & Kiwi’s in Shepherd’s Bush in London.

London had been calling me from a very early age. It was until I was 37 that I finally got to visit this amazing city. But what if I had gone there in my 2o’s? Would I feel differently about the city?

I do think that everything happens for a reason and there are obviously reasons why I didn’t do my OE but I still wonder every now & then

“Who would I be now if I had gone to England 20 years ago?”

“Would I have the same love for London if I had spent two years living there in my 20’s?”

“Would I be living in Australia now if I had made different choices when I was younger?

Who really knows!

work to become,.jpg

2 thoughts on “Day 11: Something You Always Think. ‘What If…’ About

  1. I feel like these type of questions are some of the most interesting to think about because there are endless possibilities! We have some kind of idea how different our lives would be if we chose a different path regarding big decisions, but it’s also fun to think about how/ if our lives would be different if we made different decisions regarding smaller decisions, too. Certainly thought provoking! 🙂

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