Photo Challenge: It’s Not This Time of Year Without…

The Christmas Tree in King George Square.

Before I start, I know this is a photo challenge not a word challenge but I kind of felt like I had to tell the story that went along with the photos…

So yesterday was the day that they lit the King George Square Christmas Tree – it’s basically Brisbane’s version of the NYC Tree at the Rockefeller Center on a minutiae scale but it sure does pull in a crowd – one that I was not prepared for to be honest.

My niece and I were heading out for the night any way – just to clarify, I’m not talking an underage 5 yr old niece. I should explain that I come from a very large family – I am the youngest of 8 kids and my eldest niece is only a couple years younger than me so we’re very close. And back to the story…

We were heading out to see the comedian Bill Bailey, of Black Books fame, and we were going into town anyway so when I found out that the tree was being lit at 6.30pm and Bill not on stage until 8pm, it seemed like perfect timing.

We met at around 5pm and had dinner at one of our favourite restaurants (Jo-Jo’s in Queen Street Mall, for those of you playing at home) and then went the short distance to King George Square for the tree to be lit.. again I should clarify – King George Square is like the centre of Brisbane, it’s where our City Hall is located. Think London’s Trafalgar Square or Sydney’s Circular Quay – it’s a very central location and is a large open area where a lot of events are held.

Right, so it was crowded – I mean full on, crazy crowded. In fact I have NEVER seen this area of Brisbane this crowded before. We waited with the throngs of other people and when the City Hall clock chimed 6.30pm we all cheered knowing that was when the tree was being lit…

Except it wasn’t.

Fifteen minutes passed and nothing – there were people, who I have no idea who they were, giving speeches that we couldn’t hear because we were on the other side of the road (you’ll see what I mean by the photos) and then they started singing Christmas Carols. It was all a bit too much for my niece and I, who don’t like people much at the best of times. So we decided to leave. We ended up getting a bus over the river to the Cultural Centre because we had to be there for Bill Bailey anyway, and took photos at the Brisbane Sign where it was a lot more sedate.

After Bill – who was bloody funny with his antics & musical abilities; his story of meeting Paul McCartney had me in tears (and I’m sure everyone else as well), it was about 11pm and my niece got her bus home from the Cultural Centre bus station (I should have included a map for all these things!) and I got a bus in the opposite direction back into town so that I could get my actual bus home at 11.30pm (the last bus home so I didn’t want to miss it).

Because I had a little bit of time (the Cultural Centre & King George Square are like one stop apart so it takes like no time on the bus to get there), I went back to King George Square and saw the Christmas Tree – all lit up in her glory. Apparently she finally got her moment around 7pm. Personally I think I’m glad I actually missed it because getting a bus after the event would have been a bit hectic.

I got my photos and my bus and got home just after midnight and then proceeded to watch Episode One of the Gilmore Girls – A Year in the Life – but that’s another story for another day.

So after that exhaustive tale.. here are some photos of the festivities…

Christmas in Brisbane
The tree as I was walking to meet my niece for dinner 
Christmas in Brisbane
After dinner we headed back to King George Square – just a few people around
Christmas in Brisbane
The opposite side of the road where we ended up being before we left
Christmas in Brisbane
Ahh the serenity at the Brisbane Sign
Christmas in Brisbane
It was a lot less crowded that’s for sure
Christmas in Brisbane
City Hall – all decked out with Christmas colours
Christmas in Brisbane
A far emptier King George Square at 11pm that’s for sure
Christmas in Brisbane
Isn’t she prettiful

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