Final day of the 3 day quote challenge..

5 waysto say.jpg

This is one of my new favourite quotes. Plus I really, really wanted to put an Emerson quote in here somewhere because I think he is just brilliant.

I first came across this quote around Christmas and kind of fell in love with it.

What it means to me is to do those things that make you happy.

Life is full of stuff... you have work/school; home life; family; social commitments… all of these things can drain you emotionally, physically & spiritually. I think the point of this quote is to find those things that rejuvenate you. That brings you back to life.

It could be blogging… painting…  reading .. but whatever it is, it should be something that brings joy to your life. Something that makes up for all those other things that are part of every day life that drain you.

Find your own happiness


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