Here is Day 2’s quote… you can read Day 1 here if you haven’t already.


I found this quote randomly one day. It’s not written by anyone famous, just a chick called Laura, but it really resonated with me.

I do a lot of things on my own – travel is just one of them. But I’m not going to wait for someone to decide to come with me because if I did that, then I would never go anywhere.

As with yesterday’s quote, it’s not necessarily just for travel.

I go to the movies on my own; I’ll go out for a meal (not usually dinner, lets not get carried away!). I’ve even been to concerts on my own – which is a huge jump out of my comfort zone but one that I will continue to do if no one wants to come with me or can’t come with me.

I guess I’ve gotten to an age where I’ve decided that if I want to do something then I should – obviously with in reason and where it doesn’t harm others.

You can sit your own life waiting for someone to come with you OR you can choose to get out there and do all those things you want to do regardless. Because like I ended yesterday’s post…

You never know what you might find.


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