Photo Challenge: Tiny

What better way to spend a rainy day in Victoria, BC (or any other day for that matter) than at Miniature World.

My first of 3 days in Victoria it was raining. I had dropped my bags off at the hotel and decided to go for a wander anyway. I headed down towards the famous Fairmont Empress Hotel but didn’t get to the front because I was distracted by some signs on the side of the hotel.


They were for Miniature World. I figured it was raining anyway so I might as well be dry so headed in. When I visited in 2013, the entry fee was CAD12. Their website now states it as being CAD14 for an adult – which honestly, is pretty darn good value for what you’re about to see.

I kind of had to rush around unfortunately because I arrived about 45 minutes before closing. Meant I couldn’t really spend a lot of time with each display but I got to see everything and everything was AMAZING!

There are different genres of displays from Old Canada to the Wild West. Old London Town to the New London. A circus display; castles of Europe and of course fairytales. There are also interactive displays. They do have revolving displays so things might have changed since I was there.

Here are just some of the cool displays I saw:

via Photo Challenge: Tiny

7 responses to “Photo Challenge: Tiny”

  1. cool! I went to a similar thing but the models were much bigger:)

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    1. I wanted to go to the one in Hamburg but didn’t have the time

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  2. Awesome. Wish there was one near me in the NY area.

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    1. They’re amazing.. so much detail in every model

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  3. Could you imagine if Night at the Museum were real and after hours, all the figures came to life…!?

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    1. Oh man that would cool.. and very very creepy haha

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  4. […] various points and I did a tour to Butchart Gardens – still blows my mind! I also went to Miniature World, which was totally awesome & I wish I had timed it better to stay there longer. Probably my […]


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