The London Series – Photo Of The Day

Today marks the 6 anniversary of my first time in London… I’ve written soooooo many blog posts about London and my love for the city that I’m not sure how else to explain it.


One of my absolute favourite places in London is St Paul’s Cathedral.

Ever since I was 9 I wanted to visit this place – I saw the wedding of Charles & Diana on TV and it sparked a desire in me to go and visit this amazing church. Finally getting to visit it, 30 years later in 2010 has not diminished my love for the building.

Every time I go to London there are 3 things I MUST do – traditions that I started on that very first trip:

  1. Have a Kiwi burger, complete with L&P, at GBK
  2. Go to Greenwich & visit the Old Royal Naval College
  3. See St Paul’s Cathedral

I would love to be in London on one of the days they allow you to take photos inside the cathedral – though I do have an issue with paying such a large entrance fee (£18) and not being able to take photos – whereas you go somewhere like Gloucester Cathedral (equally historic) and it’s free to get in or £3 if you want to take photos inside.

About the photo:

First time I went to London, it was autumn. On the day I went to St Paul’s, I was lugging my DSLR camera around to try and get some more ‘professional’ photos of London. I actually wasn’t planning on going to St Paul’s that day but turning down a random street, I caught sight of the dome and that was that. The building drew me in like a magnet.

I took so many photos of the exterior of the church – I don’t even want to know how many! I took photos from all angles – up close & personal and from a distance… though none of them can truly show just how incredible this building really is.

Just a handful of the photos I took that day (that only ones I have available to me right at this moment!)…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


4 thoughts on “The London Series – Photo Of The Day

  1. You’re getting me very excited about my upcoming trip next year. I’m American and my boyfriend is English, so we are taking a trip next year for me to meet his family. It will be my first time out of North America. 🙂

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    1. Oh wow rhat is awesome. England is one of my favourite places.. this will be my 4th visit & I just love discovering more and more of the country.. looking forward to hearing about your trip 😊

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