I Like Big Bridges & I Cannot Lie…

I’ve seen some bridges in my time. Some small, some large. Some instantly recognisable, some not so much. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever met a bridge that I didn’t like. Though, of course some are just better than others…

Amsterdam, Netherlands – with much of the city surrounded by canals, it makes sense that there would be a lot of bridges here
Bath, UK
Bath, England – Pulteney Bridge, one of four bridges in the world to have shops across the full span on both sides
Brisbane, Australia – Storey Bridge, one of only 3 bridges in the world you can climb – the others are the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Auckland Harbour Bridge – also it looks cool at night when it’s lit up
Bruges, Belgium – just picture perfect 
180513 (7)
Christchurch, New Zealand – I love my city and I love the bridges over the Avon River
260113 (24)
Christchurch, New Zealand – I can’t not add the Bridge of Remembrance
Road Trip
Clutha River, New Zealand – I nearly had an accident when I saw this view
Cologne, Germany – Hohenzollern Bridge, famous for its love locks
Cologne, Germany – it’s thousands & thousands of love locks!
Corfe Castle
Corfe Castle, England – well you have to get into the castle grounds somehow!
Edinburgh, Scotland – the Forth Rail Bridge was on my bucket list for so long. This is a truly impressive structure and should be seen to be believed
Road Trip
Greymouth, New Zealand – a bridge for cars and trains.. you have to wait your turn. One of my favourite bridges
Hamburg, Germany – bridges are beautiful
Houses of Parliament
London, England – Westminster Bridge, often overshadowed by the Houses of Parliament, but a great vantage point for all things London
London, England – one of the most recognisable bridges in the world yet a lot of people incorrectly call it ‘London Bridge’ instead of its correct title of ‘Tower Bridge’
Brooklyn Bridge
New York City, United States – Brooklyn Bridge, another famous bridge and one that really took my breath away
South Island
Pukaki Canals, New Zealand – there are a lot of one-way bridges in New Zealand
Sydney, Australia – Sydney Harbour Bridge, beautiful from any angle
Byron Bay
Tallow Creek, Australia – even the most simple of bridges can be stunning
Vancouver, Canada – the awe-inspiring Lions Gate Bridge
Waimakariri River, New Zealand – a perfect place to stop

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